Choosing a Reliable Rig Mat Supplier in Calgary: Key Considerations and Benefits

Choosing a Reliable Rig Mat Supplier in Calgary: Key Considerations and Benefits

When it comes to ensuring the success and safety of industrial operations across Calgary’s energy, construction, and mining sectors, finding the right rig mat supplier is critical. Rig mats are essential in providing a stable foundation for heavy equipment, protecting the environment, and enhancing worker safety. Next, we will explore some key considerations and benefits of choosing a dependable rig mat supplier like GFI Solutions. Continue reading to learn more about why GFI Solutions should be your top choice for rig mats in the Calgary region.

Quality and Durability

One of the top considerations when selecting a rig mat supplier is the quality and durability of their rig mats. At GFI Solutions, our rig mats are manufactured using high-quality materials that can withstand the rigours of Calgary’s various work environments. Our rig mats are constructed from Douglas Fir and 3- or 4-rail steel frames to ensure they are strong and durable. GFI Solutions’ traditional rig mats are built to withstand heavy loads and extreme weather conditions; that way, you can rest assured that our rig mats will provide your project with long-lasting performance, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Customization Options

Each project within the Calgary region will have its own unique requirements and specifications. A reliable rig mat supplier, like GFI Solutions, will offer custom manufacturing options to meet those specific needs. Whether it’s adapting mat dimensions, providing specific connection systems, or accommodating specialized equipment, the ability to tailor rig mats to project requirements enhances their effectiveness and efficiency. Partnering with a supplier, like GFI Solutions, that can deliver customized solutions ensures seamless integration of rig mats into your project’s workflow.

Timely Delivery and Support

Efficient project timelines are crucial for success, and a dependable rig mat supplier will understand the importance of timely delivery. Fortunately, GFI Solutions has a proven track record of prompt, efficient, and expert service. Our team can meet your project’s deadlines, and we offer reliable transportation and logistics solutions. Additionally, GFI Solutions takes pride in providing comprehensive 24/7 customer support, including on-site assistance, mat management services and quick response times to address any concerns or issues that may arise during your project.

Safety Compliance

Worker safety is of utmost importance across Calgary’s industrial sector. When choosing a rig mat supplier, ensure they adhere to industry safety standards and regulations. GFI Solutions prioritizes safety by providing access solutions with anti-slip surfaces, proper connection systems, and adequate load-bearing capacities. In particular, our used rig mats undergo stringent inspections and testing to guarantee their reliability and safety. By partnering with a safety-conscious supplier like GFI Solutions, companies can create a safer work environment and reduce the risk of accidents or equipment damage.

GFI Solutions: Your Rig Mat Supplier

Choosing a reliable rig mat supplier is a critical decision that can significantly impact the success, safety, and efficiency of your industrial operations in the Calgary region. At GFI Solutions, we understand the importance of selecting the right rig mat supplier, and we are committed to providing high-quality, customizable, and sustainable rig mats that meet the unique requirements of Calgary’s industrial sectors. Contact our team today to learn more about GFI Solutions rig matting options!

The Importance of Ground Protection in Drilling Applications: Preventing Damage with Rig Mats

The Importance of Ground Protection in Drilling Applications: Preventing Damage with Rig Mats

Drilling operations in various industries, such as oil and gas, mining, and construction, often occur in challenging terrains and environments. The heavy equipment and machinery involved in these operations can significantly impact the ground below them, leading to soil compaction, erosion, and damage to the underlying surfaces. Ground protection measures, such as GFI Solutions’ rig mats, are vital to mitigate these risks and ensure long-term sustainability. Next, we will explore the importance of ground protection in drilling applications and how GFI Solutions’ rig mats play an essential role in preventing damage while at the same time maintaining operational efficiency. Keep reading to find out more.

Preserving Ground Integrity

When drilling, the weight and movement of drilling rigs and support equipment can significantly impact the ground below them. GFI Solutions’ new and used rig mats act as a protective barrier, distributing the weight of this heavy equipment across a larger surface. By spreading the load, our rig mats help to minimize soil compaction and prevent excessive damage to the ground.

Soil compaction can have long-lasting effects on the ecosystem, affecting plant growth, water drainage, and soil health. GFI Solutions’ rig mats act as a safeguard, ensuring that drilling operations can proceed without compromising the integrity of the ground below.

Preventing Soil Erosion

Drilling activities typically disturb the topsoil layer, leaving it vulnerable to erosion and other damage. This erosion can lead to sediment runoff, polluting nearby bodies of water and causing further environmental damage.

GFI Solutions’ rig mats play a crucial role in preventing soil erosion by stabilizing the ground surface. Our rig mats provide a solid foundation that prevents soil particles’ displacement and reduces the risk of erosion. By protecting against erosion, GFI Solutions’ rig mats help to maintain the ecological balance of the surrounding environment.

Minimizing Environmental Impact

The importance of minimizing the environmental impact of drilling operations cannot be overstated. At GFI Solutions, our rig mats are designed with environmental considerations in mind, helping to preserve fragile ecosystems and sensitive natural habitats. Our rig mats minimize the disturbances caused by drilling activities, protecting local vegetation and reducing the impact on wildlife. Moreover, our rig mats offer a temporary solution that can be easily removed once drilling operations are complete. This reduces the overall environmental footprint of the project by leaving the land in a relatively undisturbed state.

Ensuring Operational Efficiency and Safety

Ground protection measures, such as GFI Solutions’ rig mats, also contribute to drilling operations’ overall efficiency and safety. By providing a stable and safe working surface, our rig mats enable heavy equipment to operate smoothly, reducing the risk of machinery getting stuck or sinking into the ground. A stable working surface also enhances worker safety by minimizing the risk of slips, trips and falls. GFI Solutions’ offering of new and used rig mats creates a secure environment for workers and equipment to carry out their tasks, ensuring that drilling operations proceed with optimal efficiency and without unnecessary delays or breakdowns.

Your Source for Rig Mats and More

Ground protection is a critical consideration in many drilling operations. At GFI Solutions, we understand the importance of minimizing your project’s environmental impact. Our high-quality rig mats are designed the provide the necessary stability and protection for various drilling operations. By investing in ground protection measures like our rig mats, drilling companies can protect the environment, minimize damage, and promote sustainable practices in their operations. Contact GFI Solutions today to learn more about our new and used rig mat inventory!

Access Mats in Calgary: Quality and Cost-Effective

Access Mats in Calgary: Quality and Cost-Effective

Weather in Canada is often unpredictable from one week to the next, and you probably know that this means your project site has to be adaptable to the weather at any given moment. Are your machines able to operate in all Canadian weather conditions? Access mats nullify any worry you might experience regarding the weather’s effects on the terrain surrounding your project site. GFI Solutions carries the best quality Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) access mats in Calgary. With all grades of mats available, as well as used and new, we are Canada’s leading provider of access products.

Durable, Quality Access Mats For Any Weather

Rain, snow, hail, or shine, our access mats in Calgary are built for the changing Alberta weather. Cheaper bolted mats have spaces that can allow rain, snow or ice to splinter the boards or cause the bolts to move and consequently make the mat’s surface uneven or broken. However, CLT access mats are built to withstand water damage through a wax coating and cross-lamination process. The cross-lamination process prevents water, snow and ice from affecting the quality of the mat, which can be up to five times stronger than traditional bolted access mats.

Your access mats in Calgary should withstand the range of weather that Calgary experiences and CLT access mats are exactly the solution you need when it comes to weather-resistant access solutions.

Benefits of CLT Access Mats

Unlike traditional bolted access mats, which are held together by bolts, CLT access mats use adhesive and can hold over 30% more weight. With CLT access mats in Calgary, you’ll experience a durable product that can distribute the weight of the load across the mat more evenly. Bolted mats cannot spread weight evenly throughout, giving more opportunities for breakage. This also means that installation mishandling can lead to more damage in a bolted mat than in a CLT access mat.

CLT access mats in Calgary have the added benefit of sustainably-harvested Longleaf Southern Yellow Pine Wood that has been grown to harvestable maturity. The adhesive used to keep the CLT access mats together is also environmentally safe. There are many benefits to choosing CLT access mats in Calgary!

GFI Solutions’ Mat Management Program

To increase the longevity of your access mats in Calgary, be sure to ask about our Mat Management Program! We offer access mat services such as thorough washing and bleaching to keep your access mats in working order, which increases ROI. The bleaching and washing process will remove any residue to avoid cross-contamination between job sites.

Find a Reliable Access Mat Supplier

GFI Solutions will provide you with the access products that you need for your project. With cost-effective Calgary access mats, you will eliminate unnecessary shipping and installation costs. We understand how stressful overcoming rough terrain can be without derailing your project; let us help solve that problem!

Contact our 24-hour service and support team to learn more about our Calgary access mats and to get answers to any questions you may have regarding the cost-effectiveness and durability of CLT access mats.

CLT Rig Mats Available Today at GFI Solutions

CLT Rig Mats Available Today at GFI Solutions

If you’re looking for reliable and durable rig mats for your project, look no further than GFI Solutions. We have the products you need to guarantee safety and efficiency on your project. Our line of CLT rig mats can withstand the demands of heavy equipment, volatile weather conditions, and challenging terrain. GFI Solutions is proud to offer our customers top-notch 24/7 customer service, so our team is here to answer your questions day or night. Are you interested in knowing more about GFI’s CLT rig mats? Continue reading to learn more!

What Does CLT Mean?

GFI’s TerraLam Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) mats are made from the wood of Southern Yellow Pine trees and a unique eco-friendly adhesive. The adhesive used in CLT mats provides a moisture barrier which protects the mats from potential rot and decay. That means these mats have an extended lifespan that outperforms traditional bolted mats. Each TerraLam CLT mat is engineered, and quality control tested to ensure top-quality and optimal grade of lumber and performance. GFI’s CLT mats are also lightweight, which means we can fit up to 72 mats per load so that you can save on transportation costs. CLT mats from GFI Solutions are an excellent option for any project!

Why Use Rig Mats?

There are plenty of reasons why your project should use rig mats. Some of those reasons are as follows:

  • Help Extend the Working Season: Rig mats allow workers to continue drilling, digging, and operating other heavy equipment even when ground conditions are no longer favourable.
  • Creates Better Work Surfaces: Using rig mats provides your workers and equipment with a stable and even foundation to work on.
  • Protects the Environment: You must follow stringent environmental regulations across numerous industries. Rig mats are an eco-friendly option that protects the environment from potential contamination that could come from your equipment.
  • Better Navigate Difficult Terrain: Instead of attempting to carve out a workable roadway in marshy or challenging terrain, you can place a rig mat down instead. That saves you both time and effort when navigating unfavourable ground conditions.

At GFI Solutions, our range of TerraLam CLT rig mats can provide your project with safe and reliable access solutions, regardless of how remote your worksite is. We even offer TerraCross access bridges for those times when you need to navigate over creeks, rivers, or other challenging terrains where mats just won’t do the trick. Our team can assist you in determining the number of rig mats your project needs, and we provide our customers with 24/7 support. So when you need access to solutions, trust the experts at GFI Solutions.

Your Choice for Quality Access Solutions

GFI Solutions is proud to offer a range of CLT access products, including 300, 500 model mats, TerraCross bridges, and more. In addition to our extensive inventory, GFI also offers turn-key services, inventory management, mat washing, and delivery and installation services, to name a few. Our team is committed to providing our customers with exceptional service and high-quality products and services you can trust and depend on. If you’re interested in learning more about GFI’s rig mats, contact us today!

Rig Mats that Last from GFI Solutions

Rig Mats that Last from GFI Solutions

Are you a project manager searching for access solutions that will last throughout your project? Does the work you’re doing involve heavy equipment and machinery? If so, rig mats from GFI Solutions are an excellent choice to ensure your project is safe, accessible, and gets finished on time. Whether you’re working in the oil and gas, renewable energy, construction, or another industry, rig mats are a safe access solution that can save money and time. At GFI Solutions, we are proud to be the premier distributor of Sterling Solutions TerraLam CLT access and rig mats. Are you interested in learning more about rig mats and the differences between CLT and traditional bolted mats? Continue reading to learn more!

How Rig Mats Work

Rig mats are a subcategory of access mats primarily used for heavy machinery. They are manufactured with five layers of solid wood to support the additional weight of rigs, cranes, and other heavy equipment, which can be used to replace 8×20 and 8×40 traditional steel frame rig mats. These particular mats can manage a range of weight loads. Similar to access matting, rig mats provide heavy equipment and workers with a safe means of accessing project worksites while still protecting the environment they’re used in.

CLT Vs. Traditional Steel Frame Rig Mats

Traditional Steel Frame Rig Mats can leave your project in a bind when they break down between jobs or, worse, in the middle of production if you’ve had enough with bolted mats costing you more and more on your bottom line. In that case, you can save more today by switching to Sterling Solutions TerraLam Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) mats from GFI Solutions!

Through an innovative process that includes bonding alternating perpendicular layers of Southern Yellow Pine with eco-friendly adhesive, CLT mats are manufactured. Compared to traditional bolted mats, CLT mats have more flexibility under the weight of significant loads. This flexibility allows the mats to disperse the weight strain more effectively, preventing the mat from breaking as quickly. In addition to their greater flexibility, CLT mats weigh significantly less than their bolted counterparts. That means you can fit more mats per load, resulting in savings in transportation and delivery costs. Aside from their reduced weight, CLT mats also have a 3-5 times longer lifespan than traditional bolted mats. That means your overall return on investment is more significant when you use CLT mats. At GFI Solutions, our team of experts can assist you with determining the number of access mats your project requires. Our team is available 24/7 to support you with whatever access solution questions you may have.

Alberta’s Source for Access Solutions

As the exclusive Canadian partner for Sterling Solutions, GFI Solutions is proud to provide our customers with robust, high-quality access matting. Beyond access matting, we also offer a range of services such as delivery and installation, inventory management, mat washing, turnkey services and more. Our team can connect with you to ensure you get the access solutions you need to keep your Alberta project operating smoothly. Contact us today if you’re interested in learning more about GFI Solutions’ range of rig mats, access mats, or services!