Planning and Consultation


GFI’s site experts will help you find the best access matting solutions, no matter your project requirements or budget. Our team is ready to assess the site, work needed and scope of your project to develop a comprehensive site access plan that addresses the challenges and obstacles you might encounter.


The initial step in site access planning is to review the scope of your project with one of GFI’s experts. We discuss the different requirements, environmental permits, conditions and other project aspects that require special attention. Our team works closely with all our partners to fully understand the project’s requirements and offer the solution that best meets their needs.


Careful access matting planning is essential with every project. As experts in access matting solutions, we have experienced all possible issues that suddenly arise mid-project. Whether it’s terrible weather conditions, wet and slippery terrain or extremely heavy loads, we have prepared many sites with the access mats they need to face any possible setback. We aim to prevent unexpected costs, delays and safety risks.

Site Visits

Some projects require site visits where our experts conduct a field verification and identify any obstacles beforehand. Site visits are critically important as they allow our team to gain a visual understanding of the terrain and prepare for any roadblocks. During this walk-through, our experts provide accurate access matting solutions that are unique to the project to minimize the need for any sudden changes during the project.

Preliminary Plan and Budget Proposal

After assessing the site, GFI’s team of experts submitted a final site access plan and budget to be reviewed. This contains a detailed plan of our experts’ most reliable and efficient suggestions for your project. Our team can also recommend one of our many access matting solutions to ensure the safety and efficiency of your project. GFI’s planning and consultation service ensure that all your access matting needs are met.

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