GFI Solutions is not only Canada’s leading manufacturer and supplier of site access mats, but we also offer a wide range of site access solutions that ensure the smooth running of your project. Our 24/7 customer support team is ready to help you with all your matting needs, including:

Inventory Management

The lack of inventory management can have detrimental effects on your project, and in order to ensure proper inventory management, you must keep track of all your mats. GFI’s inventory management service is essential for any project as it not only ensures that you have the right amount of mats for your project but it also helps you pivot with any sudden changes that can happen during your project.

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Access Mat Delivery and Installation

GFI Solutions is proud to deliver and install access mats across Canada. All year round, our specialists are available to deliver and install access mats, no matter how remote the site is. Professional mat installation is vital as it ensures that your access mats are properly installed and can withstand the weight of your equipment and machinery. GFI’s delivery and installation service ensure long-term mat performance and superior support.

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Access Mat Washing

Our mat washing service helps clean mats from any materials that can cause harm to the surrounding environment or contaminate the site. We are able to wash the mats on site using our powerful and portable mat washer or pick up the mats from the field, deliver them to our mat washing facility and ensure that they are thoroughly cleaned in our warehouse.

Turn-Key Solutions

GFI’s team helps you plan your matting needs from start to finish. Our team is ready to assess your site, provide different matting options for your project, and transport, install and remove your mats. We are prepared to help you with all your matting needs to ensure your project runs smoothly and efficiently.


Labour shortages, extreme weather and supply chain issues can halt your project and cause lengthy delays. Fortunately, with GFI Solutions, we offer manufacturing services to ensure that our partners never run out of safe site access mats. We also provide custom-manufactured mats for your unique project needs!

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Planning & Consultation

Our planning and consultation service ensures that your project is going according to schedule, especially if you’re working with a tight deadline. GFI’s planning and consultation service help you prepare for any obstacles along the way and stay within your matting budget.

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