The Benefits of CLT Access Mats For Industrial Projects

Remote industrial projects are challenging, especially with Canada’s harsh and rugged terrain. When it comes to facilitating the transport of equipment and goods, you will need strong, durable and long-lasting access mats to ensure the safety and efficiency of your project. For those in the construction, infrastructure, oil & gas, mining and other heavy industries, CLT mats have become the go-to choice! Learn more about the benefits of CLT mats for industrial projects below!

How Are CLT Access Mats Manufactured? 

While traditional access mats use bolts to fasten wooden planks together, Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) access mats are created using a unique adhesive to bond the layers of wood together. Unlike traditional access mats, where Douglas Fir is used as the wood fiber, CLT mats are manufactured from Long Leaf Southern Yellow Pine Fibre, which is lighter, stronger and more environmentally friendly than Douglas Fir. The process of bonding layers of Southern Yellow Pine wood fiber allows our CLT mats to outperform traditional botled douglas fir mats. Some of the benefits include:

  • Strength:

Even though CLT mats are 40% lighter than regular bolted mats, they offer 30% more strength! They can easily and safely withstand the weight of heavy machinery, cranes, rigs, excavators and more!

  • Flexibility:

The unique manufacturing process of CLT access mats allows for better weight distribution across the mat. Unlike bolted mats, where the weight is only focused on the bolts, CLT mats evenly distribute the weight across the surface to prevent breakage and maintain the smooth operation of your project.

  • Durability:

A vital step in engineering Site Safe CLT mats is using a wax sealant and glue lamination to ensure maximum life longevity from rot and decay. CLT access mats offer twice the strength and are 5X stiffer than conventional bolted mats. If dropped or mishandled, CLT mats will not diamond or easily deform.

  • Environmentally Friendly:

CLT access mats are designed to offer project managers and contractors an environmentally friendly access solution. Not only is the adhesive used to bond the wood environmentally safe, but Southern Yellow Pine Wood is also grown to harvestable maturity in 20 years. Instead of using strong metals and unsustainable wood, CLT access mats are manufactured with sustainability in mind.

  • Multiple Options:

At GFI Solutions, we understand that each project has its unique challenges, which is why we offer multiple CLT access mats suitable for your unique needs. Rather than settling for a one-size-fits-all access mat, you can choose one of our multiple sizes available or contact us for custom manufacturing.

Purchase CLT Access Mats Today! 

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