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Don’t let ditches, rivers, and other inconvenient landscape gaps slow your project down! Trust GFI Solutions’ SiteSafe™ 56 Access Bridges to help you safely and efficiently navigate your site. Learn more about GFI Solutions’ SiteSafe™ 56 Access Bridges below!

Bridge Any Gap with Ease!

The GFI Solutions’ SiteSafe™ 56 Access Bridges is a safer alternative to field bridging as it is a fully engineered system manufactured with structural steel and compatible with whatever matting equipment your site uses. GFI Solutions’ SiteSafe™ 56 Access Bridges is a dependable access solution for numerous industries, including the oil & gas, power, mining, and construction sectors. As Western Canada’s leading source of site access solutions, GFI Solutions proudly carries a comprehensive inventory of GFI Solutions’ SiteSafe™ Access Bridges. With 24/7 sales service, rentals, delivery, installation, mat washing, and more available at GFI Solutions, we are your one-stop shop for all your access solutions needs.

Lightweight and Durable

GFI’ SiteSafe™ 56 Access Bridges are easy to transport and install. This access bridge is ideal for various environmental hazards, including rivers, creeks, and ditches—the SiteSafe™ 56 Access Bridges features four structural steel weldments, which provide the bridge with incredible strength. At the same time, the CCOHS-compliant guardrails provide your crew with additional protection. Moreover, the SiteSafe™ 56 Access Bridges are geotextile compatible, which helps keep debris from your equipment from leaving the bridge and potentially contaminating the water below. Overall the SiteSafe™ 56 Access Bridges are lightweight and portable, allowing for lifting with only a mid-sized excavator or similar equipment. With options to easily integrate the SiteSafe™ 56 Access Bridges with your current matting solutions, this access bridge is a top choice for safety and convenience. Additional specifications regarding the SiteSafe™ 56 Access Bridges include the following:

Specifications: SiteSafe™ 56 Access Bridges

  • Weight Limit: 65 tons
  • Maximum Spanning Distance: 50′
  • Total Length: 56′
  • Matting: SiteSafe™ CLT 500 Bearing Mats & SiteSafe™ 700 Decking

Your Exclusive Distributor for Access Solutions

At GFI Solutions, we are proud to be your exclusive Canadian distributor for SiteSafe™ CLT Access Mats access bridge and more. While we are headquartered in Whitecourt, Alberta, GFI Solutions can efficiently distribute the access products you need throughout Western Canada and nationwide. Our access solution experts and in-house engineers are here to provide outstanding round-the-clock services and support. We have an expansive inventory of exceptional access products such as SiteSafe™ CLT Access Mats Access Bridges, SiteSafe™ CLT Access Mats CLT Mats, and more. GFI Solutions is here to ensure you have the access products you need to navigate your site safely.

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