Need access mats you can count on when the going gets tough? Tired to access solutions that crumble under pressure? GFI is here to help. Home to one of Canada’s most dependable inventory of SiteSafe™ CLT access mats, GFI Solutions is your first choice when you need heavy-duty access solutions you can trust. With 24/7 service and shipping Canada-wide, 365 days a year, our team is here to ensure that your drilling operation always has the tools it needs to succeed and avoid costly delays, mishaps, and abide by environmental guidelines.


The team at GFI has decades of combined industry experience behind us, so we know just how important it is to have access to transport and platform solutions when it counts. When it comes to the heavy-duty needs of the drilling sector, especially where cranes and rigs are concerned, there’s no room for error, and subpar mats don’t make the cut. At GFI Solutions, we take pride in providing safe site access mats that you can count on to pull (and support) their weight, no matter the application. From acting as a base for your machinery to helping your crew get where you need to go, you can count on our CLT mats to have your back. With multiple sizes and weights, as well as the ability to easily order custom specs as required, GFI is your preferred site access partner


Tired of heavy, expensive, bolted mats that last a few jobs and then crack under pressure? Need to save on your bottom line without compromising on quality? CLT mats are here to help. As one of the newest and most in-demand additions to the site access industry, Cross Laminated Timber mats have become the trusted and preferred method of forming temporary roads and supporting equipment for many of the biggest names in the heavy industry sectors.

Unlike traditional bolted mats that get their strength from their bolting points, CLT mats are designed using a unique method that involves bonding perpendicular layers of wood together to create a much more flexible, and therefore durable, product. This flexibility allows the mat to evenly distribute weight without the fear of sudden breakages and makes even the lightest mats capable of carrying some serious loads with little trouble. This translates to a life cycle that’s 3-5x longer than bolted mats, as well as massive savings where shipping is concerned since you can ship up to 25% more per load.



If you’re ready to make sure your job site has the best site access solutions on the market, GFI is here to help. Our team offers full-scale safe site access solutions, Canada-wide, with 24/7 shipping available 365 days a year. Contact us now to learn more.

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