CLT Rig Mats Available Today at GFI Solutions

If you’re looking for reliable and durable rig mats for your project, look no further than GFI Solutions. We have the products you need to guarantee safety and efficiency on your project. Our line of CLT rig mats can withstand the demands of heavy equipment, volatile weather conditions, and challenging terrain. GFI Solutions is proud to offer our customers top-notch 24/7 customer service, so our team is here to answer your questions day or night. Are you interested in knowing more about GFI’s CLT rig mats? Continue reading to learn more!

What Does CLT Mean?

GFI’s TerraLam Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) mats are made from the wood of Southern Yellow Pine trees and a unique eco-friendly adhesive. The adhesive used in CLT mats provides a moisture barrier which protects the mats from potential rot and decay. That means these mats have an extended lifespan that outperforms traditional bolted mats. Each TerraLam CLT mat is engineered, and quality control tested to ensure top-quality and optimal grade of lumber and performance. GFI’s CLT mats are also lightweight, which means we can fit up to 72 mats per load so that you can save on transportation costs. CLT mats from GFI Solutions are an excellent option for any project!

Why Use Rig Mats?

There are plenty of reasons why your project should use rig mats. Some of those reasons are as follows:

  • Help Extend the Working Season: Rig mats allow workers to continue drilling, digging, and operating other heavy equipment even when ground conditions are no longer favourable.
  • Creates Better Work Surfaces: Using rig mats provides your workers and equipment with a stable and even foundation to work on.
  • Protects the Environment: You must follow stringent environmental regulations across numerous industries. Rig mats are an eco-friendly option that protects the environment from potential contamination that could come from your equipment.
  • Better Navigate Difficult Terrain: Instead of attempting to carve out a workable roadway in marshy or challenging terrain, you can place a rig mat down instead. That saves you both time and effort when navigating unfavourable ground conditions.

At GFI Solutions, our range of TerraLam CLT rig mats can provide your project with safe and reliable access solutions, regardless of how remote your worksite is. We even offer TerraCross access bridges for those times when you need to navigate over creeks, rivers, or other challenging terrains where mats just won’t do the trick. Our team can assist you in determining the number of rig mats your project needs, and we provide our customers with 24/7 support. So when you need access to solutions, trust the experts at GFI Solutions.

Your Choice for Quality Access Solutions

GFI Solutions is proud to offer a range of CLT access products, including 300, 500 model mats, TerraCross bridges, and more. In addition to our extensive inventory, GFI also offers turn-key services, inventory management, mat washing, and delivery and installation services, to name a few. Our team is committed to providing our customers with exceptional service and high-quality products and services you can trust and depend on. If you’re interested in learning more about GFI’s rig mats, contact us today!