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4 FAQ’s About CLT Site Access Mats

Looking to make the change from bolted matting to CLT products, but unsure of where to start? GFI Solutions is here to help. Based in Alberta, Canada, we’re proud to partner with clients across the nation to supply leading Cross Laminated timber access mats that are...

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Applications for Crane Mats

Let’s talk crane mats. If you’re in the heavy industry or construction sectors, you’re no doubt familiar with how useful these mats can be when it comes to keeping your worksite safe and your progress on track, but you may not know the benefits of Cross Laminated...

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Master the Terrain With GFI’s Portable Bridges

GFI Solutions is your destination for the best in portable bridges. The TerraCross™ bridge is built with all terrains in mind and is a staple from Sterling Solutions, one of the most trusted access equipment manufacturers. The TerraCross™ gives you the security of...

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Make The Easy Choice with CLT Oil Rig Mats

One of the major industries that GFI Solutions has serviced for years is the oil and gas industry. We are trusted by experts like you who make their living in this dynamic field. We know that your job has its own set of unique requirements. As Western Canada's source...

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How to Identify High Quality Access Mats

We’ve all been there, you order new site access solutions to help your project stay on track, only to find that the quality is lacking and you’re now facing sudden breakages that stand to put you further behind. Subpar matting solutions can put a massive strain on...

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