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The Environmental Benefits of Using Crane Mats

As industries continue to prioritize sustainability and environmental responsibility, companies must invest in tools, equipment, and technology to reduce their projects' ecological impact. One often overlooked aspect that projects can use, which significantly impacts...

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Used Oilfield Mats for Sale

Your remote job requires terrain access that you sometimes do not have. And while traditional bolted mats will do the job, you want to ensure that your access mats are trustworthy and safe for machines and employees alike. Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) access mats by...

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Mat Rentals for Challenging Terrain in Remote Work Sites

When you are looking to overcome challenging terrain for your remote job site, traditional bolted mats are not what you need. CLT access mats are far superior, bringing you a more robust product at less transportation costs. There are many benefits to choosing GFI...

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5 Environmental Benefits of Used Crane Mats

Across various industries, environmental sustainability and eco-friendly operations have quickly become a top priority. Companies throughout Canada are actively seeking ways to reduce their ecological footprint while maintaining efficient and cost-effective...

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When to Choose New CLT Access Mats

Choosing between used or new access mats can be a tough decision. Many factors play into a decision, which is why GFI Solutions wants to help you discern what works for you. We offer used and new access mats and both purchase and rent options so you can truly find the...

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Swamp Mats: To Buy or Rent in 2023

Swamp mats, also called access mats, are the perfect solution to your access needs when working on softer ground. Our durable mats will withstand your heavy machinery, foot traffic, and more as you do your work. We help you to protect the environment around the...

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