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Swamp Mats, Access Mats and More at GFI Solutions

In need of access solutions that make it easy to navigate remote sites safely? GFI Solutions is here to help! With decades of combined experience in the industry, we understand how important it is to have access to swamp and access mats that are built to stand up to...

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Site Safe Swamp Mats You Can Count On

Is your worksite in need of access solutions that make it easy to transport materials, equipment and more across difficult terrain? As one of Canada’s most turned to suppliers of access matting solutions, GFI is here to help! With an extensive inventory that features...

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Choose High Quality Swamp Mats from GFI

Are you in need of site-safe access matting solutions that make it possible to cross tricky landscape scenarios like swamps and uneven terrain? Tired of struggling with bolted mats that can fail under pressure? CLT access mats are the perfect way to protect your...

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Set Up For Success with GFI Access Mats

Tired of Waiting For Access Mat Delivery Across Canada? Today’s industrial job sites move faster than ever, and with seasonal weather changes leading to constantly shifting terrain, access solutions are a necessity for staying on track and supercharging your progress....

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Alberta’s Top Choice for Site Safe Access Mats

Spring has arrived, and with winter on its way out, the Canadian terrain faces the unique challenges associated with a vicious freeze-thaw cycle that can leave your foundation riddled with mud, ditches, sinkholes, and all sorts of uneven areas that make transport a...

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Calgary’s Source for Rig Mats

Safe, dependable, built to last: if you need reliable access solutions for the Oil & Gas, petroleum, construction, and rigging sectors in Calgary, GFI Solutions has you covered. As one of Canada’s leading suppliers of site access solutions, we’re proud to offer our...

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