GFI Mats are Created with the Environment in Mind

GFI Mats are Created with the Environment in Mind

Today there are plenty of environmental standards and practices your project must comply with to move forward with the work at hand. Unfortunately, traditional access mats come with various issues that can make them problematic to work with. After learning about some of the common problems of conventional matting options, GFI Solutions has a better solution: the TerraLam 300 3-ply and TerraLam 500 5-ply Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) access mats. CLT mats are engineered to be stronger and more durable than traditional bolted ones, but they do more than outperform bolted mats. CLT mats also provide significant environmental advantages for your project. Continue reading to learn more about how CLT access mats can make your worksite more environmentally conscious.

Protects the Ground Below

Access mats provide more than just a temporary roadway to your project site; they also provide a crucial layer of protection to the surrounding terrain and ecosystems. They minimize the damage and disruption caused to the area by heavy equipment by shielding the ground from physical and chemical damage. This preventative system allows your site to comply with remediation and environmental standards. Access mats also will enable you to have better movement across bodies of water like creeks, rivers, marshlands, ditches and more without permanently changing the landscape of where you’re working.

At GFI Solutions, we care about the future; that’s why all of our TerraLam mats are built using sustainable forest practices. The wood used in our mats is plantation-grown Southern Yellow Pine. What does that mean for sustainability? Well, Southern Yellow Pine is grown to harvestable maturity within 20 years. Compared to other traditional access mats that use oak wood, oak takes about 100 years to mature for harvest. Also, the adhesive used to bond the pine together is chemically inactive before leaving the manufacturing facility. Therefore CLT mats present no harm to the environment.

Prevents Cross-Contamination

Another significant environmental concern for site operators is cross-contamination. If cross-contamination isn’t managed adequately within the regulated standards, your project could face some substantial fines. GFI Solution’s CLT access mats can help reduce this risk as they act as a barrier between your equipment and the ground. Also, the adhesive used in our CLT mats prevents invasive species from embedding themselves, unlike traditional mats. Additionally, properly cleaning your mats in between jobs further reduces the chance of cross-contamination and further protects the environments where you’re working. Luckily at GFI, we offer mat washing and a range of other services to keep your project safe and on schedule.

Recovery Time is Reduced

Environmental remediation is a significant part of any project nowadays. Using site access solutions can make the recovery process that much easier. They serve as a temporary measure to reduce your project’s environmental impact on the area you’re working. Site access mats can easily be installed or removed from site to site. As long as they’re clean before moving to a new location, you’ll be reducing your environmental impact one mat at a time.

CLT Mats at GFI Solutions

At GFI Solutions, we aim to respect our world’s soil, water, air, and natural habitat; that’s why we conduct our business in an environmentally responsible manner. Our TerraLam mats are one way your project can put the environment first. Contact our team to learn more about the other great benefits of TerraLam access mats.

GFI Solutions Has Oilfield Mats for Any Job

GFI Solutions Has Oilfield Mats for Any Job

Is your oil and gas project looking for safe site access solutions that allow your crew and equipment to keep moving? At GFI Solutions, we have the products you need to ensure safety and efficiency on your worksite. Our line of access mats can easily withstand the demands of heavy machinery like rigs and cranes, providing your team with safe access solutions from uneven terrain and unpredictable weather. GFI Solutions is proud to offer Canadian businesses access mats they know they can trust and depend on in various job applications. Keep reading to learn more about how oilfield mats benefit your job site.

What are Oilfield Mats?

Oilfield mats, also called rig mats or ground protection mats, are used during oil rigging. They provide a physical barrier between oil equipment and the ground below. There are plenty of environmental, financial, and safety benefits of oilfield mats. Regarding safety, rig mats provide a safe and clean working environment for crew members. This leads to significant financial savings as you reduce the chances of slip and fall injuries. Environmentally rig mats create a barrier between your workers and whatever is below your worksite. They also minimize your environmental footprint by reducing ground disturbances and preventing soil and weed contamination.

Completing a project in the oil and gas industry is dangerous without mats, but that’s not the only industry to use these access mats. From oil and gas to construction, refinery, and more ground protection mats are essential for many industries. Using GFI Soltuions’ rig mats will stabilize and support oil rigs and other equipment to give you peace of mind and establish a safe job site.

CLT Mats Make a Difference

GFI Solutions’ Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) mats quickly become the preferred choice for oilfield mats. CLT mats are made using an innovative process involving bonding alternating perpendicular layers of environmentally sustainable wood with an adhesive. Bonding the planks together allows the mat to weigh less and flex under the weight of heavy equipment and machinery without breaking. Since they weigh up to 40% less than traditional bolted mats and offer a life cycle that is 3-5 times longer, CLT mats are a worthwhile investment for your project. At GFI, we offer TerraLam CLT mats in the 300 and 500 series.

Make the Switch to TerraLam® CLT Mats Today

GFI Solutions has the products you need to ensure the safest and most efficient transportation of goods to and from a worksite. Our mats meet the high demands of rigs, cranes, and heavy machinery. We offer a diverse range of products and services, including installation, delivery, mat washing, and inventory management. GFI Solutions partners with clients across Canada and offers 24/7 support for your site access needs. Contact us today to get started with our TerraLam® CLT mats!

Access Mat Rental Solutions with GFI

Access Mat Rental Solutions with GFI

Are you looking for a temporary access solution to get your team through your next job?

At GFI Solutions, you have the opportunity to test-drive our access matting before you commit to a permanent purchase. Renting our range of CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) and bolt-on mats is a simple solution to keep your project on track, comply with environmental and sustainability standards, and keep your team safe. GFI is here to ensure you have the resources to stay on top of the challenges our Canadian weather throws at you. At GFI Solutions, we offer all-inclusive matting solutions, including rentals, sales, delivery, and installation. Continue reading to learn more about renting access mats.

Our Offering of Access Mats

At GFI Solutions, we genuinely understand the importance of providing safe access solutions for your project. You can count on us to supply you with some of the highest quality swamp mats available. CLT access mats go above and beyond the standards set by traditional timber bolted mats. Our mats offer superior performance and an extended lifespan even with heavy loads. Our CLT mats are made through a cutting-edge process that bonds alternative layers of wood with a unique adhesive. Our TerraLam 300 and 500 series mats will keep your crew safe and secure no matter your application. GFI is sure to be your preferred choice in site access with a range of sizes and weights available and the ability to customize your mats.

Rental Friendly Solutions

Renting safety products should be simple. However, at GFI, we know that that’s not always the case. That’s why our rental solutions are hassle-free. We offer same-day shipping, expedited delivery options, and on-site installation. If you’re debating renting or buying access mats, one of our experts can assist you by reviewing your project and scope of work. From there, we can determine the best possible solution for your business. If your rig mats become damaged or need replacing, GFI won’t charge you for any replacement or damaged-related costs. Our crew are some of the most efficient in the industry, and they’re backed by 24/7 service and support. At GFI, we strive to create long-term relationships with our clients; that’s why we will always provide you with the best options for temporary roadways.

Ready to Rent with GFI Solutions?

GFI Solutions is Western Canada’s leading provider of access mat solutions, including CLT rig mats, access bridges and more. At GFI, we know that site access solutions are often a sizeable investment and that purchasing outright may not always be a reality. Renting can be a viable way to meet the needs of your current project. If you’re debating whether you need to buy or rent, contact our team today, and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Crane Mat Rental In Canada

Crane Mat Rental In Canada

Now is the time to change your current access matting options and upgrade to a more robust, safer and cost-effective option. Customers in heavy industries such as oil and gas, mining, and even forestry count on GFI Solutions to provide safe site crane mats for sale and rent.

We are proud to be the leading Canadian supplier of Sterling’s site safe access mat solutions, offering you innovative and safe matting solutions for your upcoming project. Our Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) access mats are among the highest quality crane and rig mats available on the market. Read on to learn more about the many benefits of our crane access mats.

Engineered to Succeed

CLT crane mats are engineered to be more durable, lighter and faster to install than traditional bolted access mats. Instead of bolts, the wooden planks, made from Southern Yellow Pine, are glued together using an environmentally safe adhesive which saves you up to 40% on labour and up to 50% on freight costs.

Eliminating the use of bolts decreases the weight of our CLT mats, making them approximately two-thirds the weight of traditional bolted mats. This will allow you to fit up to 72 mats per load, significantly cutting your transportation cost. The lightweight CLT crate mats will also enable you to fit more mats on shuttle trucks and loaders, increasing your savings on installation and removal.

We strongly believe that our CLT crane mats are engineered to succeed, which is why we offer a no damage and no replacement cost guarantee; you will never have to pay for damaged mats or if your mats need to be replaced.

Stability and Support

When using crane mats, you are looking for mats that provide stability during heavy lifts and support the weight of your machinery. Our CLT crane mats are able to withstand heavy loads as the adhesion allows the mats to flex under pressure and distribute weight evenly throughout the mat rather than putting stress on certain bolted areas. The flexibility of the mat ensures the durability and high performance of our CLT mats even under heavy loads.

We offer the standard 500 series, 5-ply CLT mat, available in several sizes, ready to handle the heavy machinery in your project. For more robust mats best suited for heavier loads, we also offer the 700 series, a seven-ply CLT. Some projects require mats with different specifications and sizes; you can contact our team for customized CLT mats.

GFI Solutions work with our customers to ensure a smooth schedule for all projects. We offer matting solutions, including sales and rentals, mat washing, installation and inventory management. Contact GFI today to learn more.

Crane Matting Options For Heavy Industries

Crane Matting Options For Heavy Industries

A safe worksite and smooth production are the primary focus for all contractors in any project. Traditional bolted timber crane mats have been used for years on end; however, several problems arise that cause a delay in production and, more often than not, casualties on-site. At GFI Solutions, we understand the importance of ensuring a secure worksite for your crew and equipment without interrupting the advancements of your workflow. We are proud to be Canada’s exclusive source for TerraLam access mats, including heavy-duty crane mats that guarantee safe, cost-effective and robust access mats. Learn more about why TerraLam mats are the perfect solution for your matting problems.

1. Top-Notch Quality

TerraLam mats are manufactured using Cross Laminated Timber (CLT). This is the process of using adhesive and wax sealer instead of bolts to bond the wooden planks together. The adhesion enables the board to flex under the pressure of heavy-duty machinery, which allows for even dispersion of pressure of, let’s say, crane mats, for instance, throughout the entire mat as opposed to specific bolt points. The equal distribution of extreme loads reduces the chance of sudden breakage or irreparable damage to the access mats and ensures excellent performance in the long run.

2. Necessary Safety Measures

The adhesion used in our CLT crane mats is environmentally safe and worksite safe. Unlike traditional bolted access mats, CLT mats eliminate the risk of tripping or puncture hazards for your crew and equipment. CLT crane mats also reduce the risk of invasive specimens embedding between the wooden gaps and allowing for water damage pumping throughout the mat. The solid, gap-less surface reduces the possibility of work-related injuries to maintain a smooth production process.

3. Exceptional Customer Support

Supporting our customers is always a priority at GFI Solutions, which is why we offer 24/7 service for rentals and sales to keep your production flow moving. We also provide a no damage and no replacement cost guarantee for our CLT crane mats as we are proud and confident of our products. In addition to an extensive inventory of access mats, we offer the following solutions:

  • Turnkey services
  • Inventory management
  • Manufacturing
  • Delivery & Installation
  • Mat washing
  • Planning & consultation, and more.

Become Our Partner Today!

GFI Solutions understand the importance of having accessible, reliable and cost-effective matting solutions in all industries. We are committed to our customers and provide various solutions to ensure the safe and smooth operations of your project. Whether you’re looking for renting or buying TerraLam CLT mats, GFI Solutions is ready to help. Contact our team today to learn more!

Matting Options And Services

Matting Options And Services

Access mats (also known as swamp mats) are laid on the ground of construction worksites to make difficult terrains such as rocky slopes, swamps and unstable soil a safer worksite for heavy equipment and construction workers. The mats are installed side-by-side (or sometimes overlapping) to create a mobile road-like foundation to allow for easy transportation across uneven ground. Access mats not only protect the crew and the worksite, but they also protect the landscape from rutting, contaminants or chemicals left behind by rigs and cranes.

GFI Solutions is proud to present you with Sterling Solutions’ Cross Laminated Timber access mats/swamp mats for your worksites. CLT mats are made from Southern Yellow Pine wood which keeps the access mats dry, safe and robust throughout your project. Learn more about why our worksite swamp mats are below!

Inventory Management

GFI Solutions offers you several services that enhance your project’s flow. An important service that our customers heavily rely on is our inventory management system. This allows us to manage available stock for your ongoing projects and guarantee the optimum level of access mats available for future needs.

Manufacture, Deliver & Install

Not only do we manufacture access mats in-house, but we also provide delivery and installation services. Our CLT mats are available in 3- or 5-ply construction but can also be manufactured to your specifications. Since our TerraLam mats are engineered to be lightweight, we can fit 72 mats per load on the delivery truck, saving you up to 60% in transportation costs. Our team of experts is ready to deliver and install your mats as per your need.

Mat Washing

Access mats require regular cleaning to reduce the risk of contamination, damage or even breakage. Installing mobile roads and moving access mats around the worksite can cause irreparable damage, especially if your worksite involves the use of fuel or chemicals. Unwashed access mats can harm the environment or even cause potential reactions in the future. GFI’s mat washing services keep your worksite clean and safe as well as provide a longer life cycle for your access mats.

Planning & Consultation

Building a mobile road using access mats requires meticulous planning. Our experts are available to consult with you on your upcoming projects and plan out the optimal place for your custom-built road.

GFI Solutions

GFI Solutions is proud to offer the options of CLT and bolted access mats for sale and rent. In addition to a robust stock of in-demand mats, we offer 24/7 support, granting you access to site access solutions whenever you need!  To learn more about GFI’s matting solutions, contact our team today!