With a focus on safety, we provide innovative solutions & exceptional customer service to meet all of your matting needs

Our Mission 

GFI Solutions was incorporated in early 2017 by a team of dedicated experts who saw a gap in the access matting market. After learning about common problems associated with current matting options, such as tripping, tire punctures, and extremely high transport, damage and replacement costs. GFI introduced a better solution. The 3-Ply SiteSafe™ Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) Access Mats and 5-Ply SiteSafe™ Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) Access Mats. Cross Laminated Timber access mats are engineered to be stronger and more durable than traditional bolted mats.  Additionally, they are safer than the alternatives and drastically reduce damage, replacement and transportation costs.

Our SiteSafe™ CLT Access Mats are engineered to be lighter and more durable than traditional mats – saving up to 40% on labour and equipment with faster installation and up to 50% on transportation costs.

GFI’s head office is based in Whitecourt, AB with a satellite office in Calgary, AB and two field offices in Grande Prairie, AB and Edmonton, AB. We are well-positioned to take care of your matting needs. Click here to review our video demonstrating the durability and strength of CLT’s vs traditional matting.

GFI is confident in its product and is changing perceptions over how matting costs should factor into a major project. How many times have you rented matting, only to be hit with a massive bill at the end claiming unforeseen damage and replacement costs?

Health & Safety

GFI Solutions prioritizes safety as a core value in all aspects of our operations.

With robust safety measures embedded in every facet of our operations, GFI Solutions prioritizes the protection of our employees, the environment, our contractors, and the public.

Regular audits, inspections, and collaborative initiatives highlight our commitment to the well-being of our workforce, affirming our dedication to creating a workplace where our team can confidently, and safely complete our operations.

Environmental & Sustainability

Our employees are committed to protecting, preserving, and enhancing the quality of the work environment while conducting their primary duties. Our company aims to respect the soil, water, air, and natural habitat within and around all facilities and boundaries. GFI Solutions’ Environmental and Sustainability Policies are built around the environmental focus areas prevention, compliance, and conservation but restoration shall be the responsibility of the site owner.

At GFI Solutions, we conduct business in an environmentally responsible manner; optimizing the use of resources through the use of efficient technologies and procedures; preventing adverse impacts, and complying with applicable legislation. GFI actively supports efforts to implement environmental policies, programs, initiatives, and activities. GFI integrates environmental stewardship and accountability in the performance of its operations and activities to promote continuous improvement of environmental performance.

By choosing GFI Solutions, you are partnering with a company that values environmental stewardship as much as you do. Our commitment to sustainability ensures that our products are not only effective and reliable but also contribute to a greener, more sustainable future. Choose GFI Solutions for reliable, sustainable matting solutions that align with your environmental goals.