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GFI Solutions is a full turn key matting company. GFI has a large fleet of cross laminated timber (CLT) mats for rent with full installation crews along with equipment and trucks to offer a full turn key solution for any matting project big or small. . We only rent CLT ( Cross Laminated TImber) mats.    

Cross-Laminated Timber is the Most Advanced Building Material in the World and has been called “plywood on steroids”

It was introduced in the mid 1990’s and is now replacing concrete and steel for construction of commercial buildings. 

Normal wood is strong in the direction of the grain but weak in the cross direction. CLT’s perpendicular layers make it strong in two directions.



-Twice the strength of a traditional bolted access mat

-5 times stiffer than a traditional bolted access mat

-No bolts or nails resulting in a reduction in tire damage 

-Two-thirds the weight of traditional bolted mats

-Has a solid top as a safe surface with no tripping hazard

-Solid top easy to clean which helps prevent site to site contamination

-Glue lamination that helps to repel moisture

-Mats do not diamond or deform if mishandled. 

-Light Weight & Cost effective shipping 80 mats per super B.  Bolted Oak Mat – 2,800lbs, Bolted Fir Mats 1,975lbs, CLT 1100Lbs

-COST SAVINGS – Save upto 50% on Replacement, Trucking and Installation Costs


 At less than half the weight of a traditional Bolted Oak Access Mat, GFI’s CLT Mat is twice as strong and 5 times stiffer saving you time and money on your projects.


Clcik here to download an example of how much you could save on 1000 mat rental project.

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