What’s the Difference?

At GFI, we understand that diverse matting solutions may be necessary based on the characteristics of each project’s terrain. While we offer both new and used traditional douglas fir bolted access mats for rent and sale, our experience has shown that Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) access mats stand out as a superior option. Not only are CLT access mats lighter, but they also exhibit greater durability, surpassing the performance of traditional bolted access mats in direct comparisons.


Our SiteSafe™  CLT Access Mats weigh 33% less than traditional bolted mats. An impressive 72 mats can fit per load, saving you up to 60% in transportation costs.

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Longer Lasting

Engineered for maximum durability, we use wax sealer and glue lamination to deliver twice the strength and five times the stiffness of conventional bolted… 

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Because GFI’s SiteSafe™ CLT Access Mats are lighter, more can fit per shuttle truck or loader, saving you up to 40% on installation and removal.

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SiteSafe™  CLT Access Mats’ rough solid-top surface reduces tripping hazards associated with traditional mats that have gaps between the boards. Puncture injuries and…    

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The future matters. All SiteSafe™ CLT Access Mats are built with sustainable forest practices. We only use plantation-grown southern yellow pine that is grown to…

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Demo Day

See for yourself, a life accelerated demonstration showing our SiteSafe™ CLT mats outperforming traditional bolted oak and douglas fir access mats.

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GFI provides a full turn-key solution for any of your matting needs. You can rely on our expert team to make your project come to life.

Customers Love Our Mats…

“GFI’s SiteSafe™ CLT Access Mats are by far the most durable mats we have ever used. We have used bolted mats in the past and had to pay outrageous charges for damages and replacement costs. Your mats held up so well on our integrity dig that we were not charged for any damages or replacement cost. On top of that, the crew was very knowledgeable and provided outstanding service. I would highly recommend GFI Solutions and look forward to working with them again”

Integrity Manager

“We rented 1022 SiteSafe™ CLT Access Mats from GFI Solutions for our drilling and completions program. The program ran for 5 months. At the end of the program we were so impressed with the quality of the mats we decided to purchase 400 of the mats for our fleet.”

Engineering Manager

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We are a team of dedicated experts who saw a gap in the matting market. After learning about common problems associated with current matting options, it was our mission to introduce a better solution…

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