Whether your construction crew is facing the challenges of a remote access site that makes it difficult to transport goods in and out, or needs a solution that acts as a sturdy foundation that protects heavy equipment, access matting has you covered. Designed to serve both as temporary roads, as well as makeshift platforms for cranes, drills and other machinery, CLT access mats are the site access industry’s number choice when it comes to safe access solutions. As one of Canada’s top suppliers of site access solutions, GFI Solutions is proud to offer you access to the best products on the market, including a diverse range of access mats products that can be shipped across the country 24/7, 365 days a year. From access mats to additional services such as delivery, installation, mat washing, inventory management and more, we have you covered.


Need access solutions yesterday? We get it. With decades of industry experience under our belt, GFI understands how important it is to have access to the products you need when it matters most. That’s why you can count on our team to have your back, no matter the day or time. Best of all, due to the lighter weight of CLT mats and their longevity, you can expect to save on shipping when purchasing longstanding solutions for your construction site needs.


Still using traditional bolted mats that leave you in a bind when they break between the job, or even worse, in the middle of production? It’s time to alleviate headaches and save on your bottom line by matching the switch to CLT matting.

Cross Laminated Timber mats are created using an innovative process that involves bonding alternating perpendicular layers of wood with an environmentally safe adhesive to form the finished product. Unlike traditional bolted mats, CLT mats flex under the weight of heavy loads and disperse the strain evenly to avoid breaking. Despite weighing significantly less than their traditional counterparts (and costing much less to ship as a result), heavy-duty 300 and 500 level CLT mats can handle the shock of machinery with ease, meaning that the overall delivery, setup, teardown and repurposing of matting is easier than ever.


GFI Solutions offers full-scale safe site access solutions for the construction industry Canada-wide. Our inventory is regularly restocked to ensure we’re always ready to meet your needs and features multiple sizes, thicknesses and can accommodate custom specs upon request. With cross-laminated timber’s ability to flex under pressure, you can count on our mats to perform under even the toughest of conditions, job after job. We offer 24/7 support, meaning you’ll always have the support you need when it matters most. For all of your temporary pathways, rig mat, and general access mat needs, GFI is here to help.

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