Drilling Mats Near You!

Drilling Mats Near You!

It’s no secret that Canada’s terrain is no stranger to the challenges brought on by the changing climate all year round. The fluctuating temperatures and freeze-thaw cycle can cause significant disruptions on the foundation of your work site, resulting in muddy, icy, snowy, and uneven ground that makes it hard for your crew machinery to navigate across. That being said, there are many solutions that will keep your site safe while also allowing you to stay within your budget.

At GFI Solutions, we’re proud to be Canada’s leading provider of site-safe matting solutions, including drilling mats, rig mats, swamp mats, access mats and more! When it comes to meeting the heavy-duty needs of our drilling industry customers, we offer lightweight, robust and cost-effective drilling mats that ensure the safety of your crew, equipment and resources. Learn more about our CLT mats below!

Innovative Manufacturing

Our CLT mats are engineered to be up to 40% lighter and 3-5 times stronger than standard bolted mats, which makes them incredibly durable and reliable in even the most demanding conditions. Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) mats are manufactured by adhering perpendicular layers of wood together to create a solid structure with a lifespan of 3-5 times longer than traditional bolted mats. Even under heavy loads, our CLT mats provide durable and robust access solutions that make them well-suited for a range of applications and job sites.

There are many matting solutions available, and our most common ones are the 500-series and the 300-series. The 500-series, our 5-ply CLT mat, and the 300-series, our 3-ply CLT mat, are ideal for supporting heavy-duty trucks and tracked equipment. They’re also used for general ground protection, access roads, drilling equipment and staging platforms. Our extensive inventory also carries both CLT mats and traditional rig mats available for rental or sale!

Should You Choose CLT or Bolted Mats?

While bolted mats are the traditional choices for access solutions, that doesn’t mean they’re the best option available in the market. Bolted mats are typically made from Douglas Fir or other wood compositions that don’t offer the same strength or lifespan as CLT mats.

CLT mats, on the other hand, are made from Long Leaf Southern Yellow Pine wood, which is 33% stronger than Douglas Fir, making them better suited for heavy-duty jobs and challenging terrain. At GFI, our CLT mats offer several advantages, including:

  • High impact resistance and durability.
  • 3-5 times the lifespan of bolted mats.
  • Environmentally safe structural adhesive and wax sealed on all four edges of the mat, resulting in a mat less prone to moisture.
  • Solid top, which reduces tripping and puncture hazards on the worksite
  • Decreased shipping costs (up to 60%) as GFI can ship more CLT mats than bolted mats in one load!

GFI Solutions – Canada’s Leading Source for Access Solutions

Whether you need heavy-duty access solutions like rig mats, drilling mats, or custom-sized mats for your unique project, GFI Solutions is here to help you build the temporary solutions you need. We also offer a range of matting services, including mat washing, planning and consulting, installation and removal, and more.

Contact our 24/7 service and support team today to learn more about our durable, lightweight, cost-effective matting solutions!

Drilling Rig Mats: Designed for Your Toughest Projects

Drilling Rig Mats: Designed for Your Toughest Projects

Are you a project manager searching for an affordable, safe access solution for your next project? If so, GFI Solutions is here to help! As Canada’s leading distributor of access matting solutions, GFI Solutions is proud to offer a range of Sterling Solutions drilling rig mats. Our drilling rig mats can provide your project with a safe, affordable, and durable means of keeping your site accessible. Keep reading to learn more about GFI Solutions’ Site Safe drilling rig mats and how they compare to traditional bolted mats!

CLT Mats or Bolted Mats?

While timber or bolted mats are the primary choices for safe access solutions, better options are available. One of the critical factors to consider when comparing Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) mats to bolted mats is that they are less suited for most industries. This is because they’re often made from both hard and softwood. This mixed wood type means they can be more susceptible to damage. Compared to CLT mats, traditional bolted mats can’t measure up to the challenge of providing a safe and long-lasting access solution for extremely heavy equipment. Below are a few advantages of CLT drilling rig mats from GFI Solutions:

  • Impact-resistant and highly durable
  • Less prone to moisture and rot due to the eco-friendly adhesive and wax seal on all edges of the rig mat
  • Weather resistant
  • Gap-free top reduces tripping risks
  • Lightweight, which reduces overall shipping costs
  • And more!

When you need safe access solutions for your next project, GFI Solutions is here to help. Our access solution experts can assist with several challenges regarding determining the appropriate amount of drilling rig mats your project will require. In addition to our drilling rig mats, GFI Solutions can also custom-build drilling rig mats. So if you need a rig mat with particular specifications, our team can custom-make it just for you!

The Industry Leader in Access Solutions

Sterling Solutions’ Site Safe CLT access mats are the premier industry standard for safe access solutions. CLT mats are significantly lighter than traditional bolted mats because they do not use any bolts; instead, they’re bonded with an eco-friendly adhesive. CLT drilling rig mats have a 3-5 times longer lifespan than traditional bolted mats. Their lifespan is long because they can flex under pressure, evenly distribute weight, and are made from Southern Yellow Pine, which is incredibly durable and robust. Combined with the manufacturing process, these factors mean that CLT drilling rig mats perform exceptionally well under heavy pressure or in challenging terrain. At GFI Solutions, we have the Site Safe CLT Mats 300 and Site Safe CLT Mats 500-series access mats. If you’re looking for a drilling rig mat that can withstand the heaviest loads, the Site Safe CLT Mats 500-series is the safe site access solution you’ve been searching for! However, our access matting experts at GFI Solutions can assist you with determining the best drilling rig mats for your project and the number of mats your project will require. When you’re looking for access solutions, GFI Solutions is here to help!

The Experts in Safe Site Access Solutions

With options for heavy-duty applications, such as drilling rigs to access bridges and more, GFI Solutions can help you get the access solutions you need for your project. As Alberta’s top distributor of Sterling Solutions Site Safe CLT access mats, GFI Solutions is proud to offer various additional services such as 24/7 rentals, sales support, installation and more! If you’ve been searching for durable drilling rig mats, contact us today!

Drilling Mats For A Safer Work Environment

Drilling Mats For A Safer Work Environment

Looking for portable access mats that are used to support heavy machinery during construction or oil drilling operations? Look no further! GFI Solutions’ drilling mats are manufactured to provide you with matting solutions that are safe, durable and affordable. Whether you need to build a portable road over unstable terrain or create a passage to a pipeline, GFI’s access solutions will help you pave the way. Read on to learn more about our matting solutions!

Protect The Land, The Machinery and The Crew

Operations on biochemical and petrochemical worksites can cause severe damage to the environment as chemical spillage can destroy habitats, kill wildlife or even contaminate vital resources in the food chain. Using drilling mats on the worksite protects the land from any toxic materials.

Drilling mats also help protect your machinery and workers, no matter the circumstances. Whether the terrain is wet, muddy or simply unstable, on-land drilling mats will help protect your equipment and support heavy machinery. Companies in the mining industry also prefer the use of drilling mats as they provide a safe and solid terrain for easier storage of equipment and materials.

Canadian weather can also negatively affect your crew. Wetlands or ice surfaces create an unsafe work environment where your workers are prone to accidents due to uneven and dangerous grounds. Drilling mats ensure your workers’ safety, regardless of the weather conditions.

Durable And Robust

Unlike regular access mats, drilling mats have a steel frame that increases their strength, enabling them to withstand heavy machinery like:

  • Drilling Rigs
  • Oil Rigs
  • Pumps
  • Compressors
  • Storage Tanks
  • And more!


At GFI Solutions, we understand that projects can require a large number of mats to cover the area of a worksite, which is why we offer our partners our cost-effective Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) access mats. Our CLT mats are built using Southern Yellow Pine wood, which is 30% harder than most common wood fibre and is two-thirds the weight of traditional bolted mats. Shipping CLT access mats can save you up to 60% in transportation costs and up to 40% on installation and removal costs. With our CLT mats, you will no longer have to worry about cutting down on the number of access mats needed to fully cover the worksite.

Partner With GFI Solutions Today

Our matting solutions are designed to offer our partners top-notch quality at an affordable price. Partner with GFI Solutions and request a quote for your upcoming project.

Trust CLT Rig Mats Today

Trust CLT Rig Mats Today

Are you in need of heavy-duty access solutions that can stand up to the toughest jobs, keep your equipment and crew safe, and stay strong job after job? CLT access mats are here to help. As one of Canada’s top suppliers of site safe access mats, including heavy-duty 5 and 700 level rig/crane mats, GFI Solutions is proud to offer clients across the country easy access to quality solutions you can count on when it matters most. Whether you’re in the oil & gas, petrochemical, utility, mining, or construction industry, rig mats are a staple for every job site and can save you time and money. Below, we’ll discuss the benefits of rig matting, as well as partnering with GFI for your site access needs. Read on to learn more!

What are Rig Mats?

Despite being incredibly versatile and able to stand up to the majority of the demands of your job site, there are limitations to even the strongest of Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) mats. As the next level in support, cross-laminated rig mats maximize the potential of the unique design that gives CLT matting its leading edge. In addition to better performance, laminated mats weigh up to 40% less than traditional mats, allowing you to ship up to 60% more units per load, saving time and money. With a life cycle that lasts 3-5 times longer than oak mats, and unbeatable flexibility that reduces your risk of sudden failures on the job, CLT mats are your go to resource for heavy lifting.

New Design, Superior Performance

CLT rig mats have been created to improve the existing performance of oak mats while addressing the shortcomings that can often lead to frustration. Cross-laminated timber rig mats are made by glueing planks together in an alternating pattern using an environmentally safe adhesive that allows for increased flexibility that prevents excess strain on the mats and allows them to handle heavier loads without failing. Crafted from Southern Yellow Pine, CLT mats are ready to tackle the heaviest loads with minimal risk for sudden breakages and other headaches that may leave you stranded. Additional benefits to using CLT rig mats include:

  • High impact resistance (great for heavy equipment transport)
  • Suitable for use in extreme conditions; including heat and cold. (ideal for Canadian winters)
  • Solid matting top reduces tripping hazards, as well as tire damage to vehicles
  • Able to handle heavy-duty applications
  • Cheaper to ship due to the lightweight nature of the mats (60% more CLT mats can be shipped per load compared to bolted products), and more.

CLT Rig Mats and More at GFI Solutions

GFI is proud to carry industry-leading CLT products within our inventory, including 300, 500 and even 700 model access mats, access bridges, and more. Designed with the utmost quality and performance in mind, CLT mats are built to take on the toughest of jobs without flinching. Our team of experts offer 24/7 support for all your site access needs. Contact us today to learn more!

GFI’s Rig Mats Set The Bar for Site-Safe Access

GFI’s Rig Mats Set The Bar for Site-Safe Access

Are you looking for rig mats you can rely on no matter the application? Do you want a rig mat that makes your job move smoothly and efficiently? Rig mats from GFI Solutions are your most cost-efficient and reliable option. Our rig mats have been used in the oil and gas industry and the petroleum, utility, construction and rigging sectors. Manufactured by Sterling Solution, these mats give you the best ROI and are incredibly reliable on the worksite. Keep reading to learn why you should partner with GFI Solutions today for all your rig mat needs.

Setting the Bar for Site Safe Access

GFI’s CLT rig mats set the bar for site safe access. CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) is a highly durable access matting solution. These rig mats can be used for transportation and hold up extremely heavy cranes and rigs with ease. These light, extremely resilient rig mats are ideal for all conditions and can endure harsher climates as well as any moisture. You can trust CLT rig mats to get you through the job safely and efficiently, keeping your crew and equipment safe every step of the way.

CLT rig mats are made from southern yellow pine fibre, an incredibly durable material that perseveres in all weather conditions. Southern yellow pine fibre is also capable of holding extremely heavyweights. Despite having an impressive amount of weight, these mats are also extremely light and can be transported easily. With this high-quality site access solution, you can be assured that transporting anything on your project is easy.

GFI Solutions is proud to be Canada’s leading supplier of Sterling Solutions’ CLT rig mats. We are excited to bring you the best in site access the world has to offer. With exceptional qualities that make your work easier and safer, we know that you and your crew will appreciate what CLT rig mats bring to the table.

Save Money With CLT Rig Mats

There are several ways you can save money with CLT rig mats. Some of the beneficial cost-saving elements include:


CLT rig mats are so lightweight that you can pack a higher load onto freights with ease. Since these mats are much lighter than standard mats, it significantly reduces transportation costs since CLT rig mats require significantly fewer freights for transport. You can cut your freight costs by up to 50% by investing in CLT rig mats.

Labor & Equipment

Installing CLT rig mats is so easy that it saves you money and time. Since these mats are made with much lighter wood, they are easy to install and remove. Saving time on installation and removal means you save money. With both these elements cut down significantly, you will save up to 40% on labour and equipment.

Longterm ROI

Ready for a rig mat that saves you money long-term? CLT rig mats can do just that! These mats are manufactured to handle difficult climates and complex topography for added reliability. Since CLT mats keep their form for years, you get the value of knowing you invested in a product that you can rely on. CLT rig mats are consistently up for the job, no matter the weather conditions!

Ready to Learn More?

GFI Solutions is ready to partner with you to get you the safest and most efficient access. Contact our team to learn more about our rig mats today!