GFI’s Rig Mats Set The Bar for Site-Safe Access

Are you looking for rig mats you can rely on no matter the application? Do you want a rig mat that makes your job move smoothly and efficiently? Rig mats from GFI Solutions are your most cost-efficient and reliable option. Our rig mats have been used in the oil and gas industry and the petroleum, utility, construction and rigging sectors. Manufactured by Sterling Solution, these mats give you the best ROI and are incredibly reliable on the worksite. Keep reading to learn why you should partner with GFI Solutions today for all your rig mat needs.

Setting the Bar for Site Safe Access

GFI’s CLT rig mats set the bar for site safe access. CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) is a highly durable access matting solution. These rig mats can be used for transportation and hold up extremely heavy cranes and rigs with ease. These light, extremely resilient rig mats are ideal for all conditions and can endure harsher climates as well as any moisture. You can trust CLT rig mats to get you through the job safely and efficiently, keeping your crew and equipment safe every step of the way.

CLT rig mats are made from southern yellow pine fibre, an incredibly durable material that perseveres in all weather conditions. Southern yellow pine fibre is also capable of holding extremely heavyweights. Despite having an impressive amount of weight, these mats are also extremely light and can be transported easily. With this high-quality site access solution, you can be assured that transporting anything on your project is easy.

GFI Solutions is proud to be Canada’s leading supplier of Sterling Solutions’ CLT rig mats. We are excited to bring you the best in site access the world has to offer. With exceptional qualities that make your work easier and safer, we know that you and your crew will appreciate what CLT rig mats bring to the table.

Save Money With CLT Rig Mats

There are several ways you can save money with CLT rig mats. Some of the beneficial cost-saving elements include:


CLT rig mats are so lightweight that you can pack a higher load onto freights with ease. Since these mats are much lighter than standard mats, it significantly reduces transportation costs since CLT rig mats require significantly fewer freights for transport. You can cut your freight costs by up to 50% by investing in CLT rig mats.

Labor & Equipment

Installing CLT rig mats is so easy that it saves you money and time. Since these mats are made with much lighter wood, they are easy to install and remove. Saving time on installation and removal means you save money. With both these elements cut down significantly, you will save up to 40% on labour and equipment.

Longterm ROI

Ready for a rig mat that saves you money long-term? CLT rig mats can do just that! These mats are manufactured to handle difficult climates and complex topography for added reliability. Since CLT mats keep their form for years, you get the value of knowing you invested in a product that you can rely on. CLT rig mats are consistently up for the job, no matter the weather conditions!

Ready to Learn More?

GFI Solutions is ready to partner with you to get you the safest and most efficient access. Contact our team to learn more about our rig mats today!