Drilling Mats Near You!

It’s no secret that Canada’s terrain is no stranger to the challenges brought on by the changing climate all year round. The fluctuating temperatures and freeze-thaw cycle can cause significant disruptions on the foundation of your work site, resulting in muddy, icy, snowy, and uneven ground that makes it hard for your crew machinery to navigate across. That being said, there are many solutions that will keep your site safe while also allowing you to stay within your budget.

At GFI Solutions, we’re proud to be Canada’s leading provider of site-safe matting solutions, including drilling mats, rig mats, swamp mats, access mats and more! When it comes to meeting the heavy-duty needs of our drilling industry customers, we offer lightweight, robust and cost-effective drilling mats that ensure the safety of your crew, equipment and resources. Learn more about our CLT mats below!

Innovative Manufacturing

Our CLT mats are engineered to be up to 40% lighter and 3-5 times stronger than standard bolted mats, which makes them incredibly durable and reliable in even the most demanding conditions. Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) mats are manufactured by adhering perpendicular layers of wood together to create a solid structure with a lifespan of 3-5 times longer than traditional bolted mats. Even under heavy loads, our CLT mats provide durable and robust access solutions that make them well-suited for a range of applications and job sites.

There are many matting solutions available, and our most common ones are the 500-series and the 300-series. The 500-series, our 5-ply CLT mat, and the 300-series, our 3-ply CLT mat, are ideal for supporting heavy-duty trucks and tracked equipment. They’re also used for general ground protection, access roads, drilling equipment and staging platforms. Our extensive inventory also carries both CLT mats and traditional rig mats available for rental or sale!

Should You Choose CLT or Bolted Mats?

While bolted mats are the traditional choices for access solutions, that doesn’t mean they’re the best option available in the market. Bolted mats are typically made from Douglas Fir or other wood compositions that don’t offer the same strength or lifespan as CLT mats.

CLT mats, on the other hand, are made from Long Leaf Southern Yellow Pine wood, which is 33% stronger than Douglas Fir, making them better suited for heavy-duty jobs and challenging terrain. At GFI, our CLT mats offer several advantages, including:

  • High impact resistance and durability.
  • 3-5 times the lifespan of bolted mats.
  • Environmentally safe structural adhesive and wax sealed on all four edges of the mat, resulting in a mat less prone to moisture.
  • Solid top, which reduces tripping and puncture hazards on the worksite
  • Decreased shipping costs (up to 60%) as GFI can ship more CLT mats than bolted mats in one load!

GFI Solutions – Canada’s Leading Source for Access Solutions

Whether you need heavy-duty access solutions like rig mats, drilling mats, or custom-sized mats for your unique project, GFI Solutions is here to help you build the temporary solutions you need. We also offer a range of matting services, including mat washing, planning and consulting, installation and removal, and more.

Contact our 24/7 service and support team today to learn more about our durable, lightweight, cost-effective matting solutions!