Why Used Swamp Mats?

Why Used Swamp Mats?

Swamp mats, also known as access mats, are a convenient way to overcome any delays to a project that result from unfavourable terrain conditions. Swamp mats are an excellent resource for protecting ecologically sensitive areas as well. GFI Solutions is Canada’s leading supplier of Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) mats, with both new and various grades of used swamp mats to work for any situation.

GFI Solutions’ swamp mats are made from Longleaf Southern Yellow Pine that has been sustainably grown and harvested to produce lighter, more durable mats. Each one of these mats is cross-laminated to be stronger than traditional single wood or composite swamp mats. Below, we will dive into why you may want to invest in used swamp mats for sale instead of new ones. Discover how we ensure that our used swamp mats are completely safe.

Are Used Swamp Mats Safe?

Yes, used swamp mats are safe. In fact, used swamp mats are sometimes more beneficial than new ones. There are a variety of ways that GFI Solutions makes sure that all of our used access mats for sale are in top condition and are safe to use.

Mat Washing

Ensuring each mat is completely sanitary for its next use is essential in combating cross-contamination that can harm the surrounding habitat. Cross-contamination is our number one concern when swamp mats are being used to haul fuel, chemicals, and other toxic materials. We wash, bleach and dry mats properly so that their next use is safe for any environment through our Mat Management Program.

Thorough Inspection

Although our CLT swamp mats are more robust than many other swamp mats for sale today, all mats will experience wear and tear over time. After a thorough inspection, we will put up for sale the used swamp mats that are in good condition and triage the ones that are in need of repair. Mats with extensive damage are instantly disposed to ensure your job site is protected.

Installation and Delivery

GFI Solutions offers a professional Mat Delivery and Installation service that can help prevent premature damage from occurring as a result of improper handling. Both our shipping vehicles and our staff can take care of your used swamp mats in a manner that keeps your used swamp mats in great shape for your use. Our CLT swamp mats are up to 33% lighter than traditional bolted access mats and can save you up to 40% on transportation and shipping costs.

Used Swamp Mats For Sale

Used swamp mats for sale offer many benefits for users that a new swamp mat cannot always beat. While a used swamp mat may have damage, this can provide a better grip for shoes and wheels alike when the terrain is wet or slippery. Divots and dents can provide more grip when the weather is unfavourable. The other major benefit of used swamp mats for sale are the price. GFI Solutions has different grades of used swamp mats available to buy, and we can help you find the right swamp mats for your project. Contact us today!

Environmental Benefits of CLT Access Mats: A Greener Choice

Environmental Benefits of CLT Access Mats: A Greener Choice

As the push for greater environmental responsibility continues across Canada, industries must invest in sustainable solutions that can help mitigate their environmental impact. Having the right access solutions is vital when it comes to companies working in remote or challenging locations. Fortunately, GFI Solutions’ CLT (Cross-Laminated Timber) access mats have emerged as a green solution that offers significant environmental and economic benefits. Continue reading to learn more about GFI Solutions CLT access mats and how they can benefit your business.

Understanding CLT Access Mats

GFI Solutions’ Site Safe CLT access mats are a type of ground protection mat made from sustainably sourced Long Leaf Southern Yellow Pine. Using an innovative manufacturing process, CLT access mats are incredibly strong, durable and environmentally friendly. At GFI Solutions, we have CLT access mats for sale or rent in three sizes:

  • Site Safe 500 CLT Mats – 4′ or 8′ wide x 14′, 16′ or 18′ long
  • Site Safe 700 CLT Mats – 8′ wide x 14′ or 16′ long
  • Site Safe 900 CLT Mats – 4′ wide x 20′ long and 12″ thick

When you need sustainably manufactured and durable access solutions, GFI Solutions CLT access mats are the sensible choice. Next, we will cover some environmental benefits of using CLT access mats.

1) Preserving Natural Habitats

One of the most significant environmental benefits of GFI Solutions CLT access mats is their ability to preserve natural habitats. Construction and resource extraction activities often occur in sensitive environments like marshes, forests, or remote areas. These ecosystems are vital for biodiversity and are crucial to the planet’s health.

CLT access mats evenly distribute the weight of heavy machinery, reducing ground disturbance and minimizing the impact on these delicate ecosystems. This means that construction and resource extraction activities can occur while preserving these areas’ natural beauty and ecological balance.

2) Sustainable Material Sourcing

The production of CLT access mats is also inherently sustainable due to the source of the raw material — sustainably sourced wood and environmentally safe adhesive. Unlike traditional ground protection mats made from non-renewable materials, oak, or Douglas fir, GFI Solutions CLT mats use wood from sustainably harvested Long Leaf Southern Yellow Pine. Southern Yellow Pine grows much faster than competing types of wood and is much stronger, resulting in access mats that last 3-5X longer than traditional ground protection mats.

3) Quick Restoration of Natural Areas

Once a project is complete, removing GFI Solutions’ CLT access mats is straightforward and minimally disruptive to the environment. Our team can even assist you with delivering, installing, and removing your access mats with our helpful turnkey services! This quick restoration of natural areas helps ecosystems recover more rapidly, allowing plant and animal life to return to their habitats sooner.

4) Lower Environmental Liability

Using CLT access mats can also help reduce environmental liability and potential fines associated with ground disturbance and damage to sensitive ecosystems. By choosing an environmentally responsible access solution, companies can demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and responsible resource management.

5) Versatility in Applications

Finally, GFI Solutions’ CLT access mats are versatile and can be used across various applications, including construction, mining, oil and gas, and renewable energy projects. Their adaptability means that companies across industries can benefit from their environmental advantages.

Find the CLT Access Mats You Need Here

GFI Solutions’ CLT access mats offer significant environmental benefits, making them a greener choice for ground protection and access in challenging terrains. As industries across Canada prioritize sustainability and environmental responsibility, our CLT access mats provide a practical and environmentally conscious solution for those seeking to reduce their impact on the planet while conducting essential operations in challenging environments.

Contact GFI Solutions today to learn more about our current inventory of CLT access mats for sale.

Access Mats for Sale: Enhance Safety in Oil and Gas Operations

Access Mats for Sale: Enhance Safety in Oil and Gas Operations

Oil and gas worksites in remote areas often encounter terrain problems such as mud, ditches, and streams. With access mats for sale, you can safely overcome these challenges without delaying your project. GFI Solutions experts will take care of delivery and installation on your behalf to ensure your mats are adequately installed without instilling damage before use. If you work in the oil and gas industry, access mats are what you need to keep a safe and effective worksite.

Environmentally Friendly Access Mats For Sale

We understand the environmental regulations that remote work has to adhere to; that is why our access mats for sale at GFI Solutions are created with sustainability in mind. All of our products are crafted with matured Longleaf Southern Yellow Pine and an environmentally friendly adhesive. In addition, they are created to be 3 to 5 times stronger than traditional bolted mats made with Douglas Fir, reducing the need to harvest more trees. Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) mats are held together by an environmentally friendly adhesive. When a project is done, any remaining debris from your access mats after removal is biodegradable.

Overcome Unpredictable Terrain

Protect your crew and equipment from safety hazards that can come alongside remote terrain, such as ditches and streams. Access mats for sale at GFI Solutions can help you avoid such potential dangers. Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) mats are the best access mats for sale for remote worksites. Weather can change unpredictably, so it’s best practice always to have weather-resistant mats, such as any of our Site Safe CLT access mats. These mats are sealed with wax on all edges for durability and weatherproofing. The wax prevents weather damage from rain, snow, mud, and more that would otherwise ruin the mats more quickly. This way, you are gaining more use out of your mats.

Cost-Effective and Durable Access Mats

We manufacture quality mats with Longleaf Southern Yellow Pine Wood that is 33% stronger than Douglas Fir. Stronger wood will give you more use before the access mats for sale begin to show wear and tear, which means you’ll get more out of each mat than traditional bolted mats. These quality access mats for sale are also lighter so that you can save up to 60% in transportation costs. Plus, with the purchase of access mats as opposed to access mat rentals, you are investing in a product that can be used over and over.

Contact GFI Solutions For Safer Operations

GFI Solutions is the leading distributor of access mats in Canada. We are proud to offer both quality products to overcome terrain issues and access mat solutions to help you get the most out of your access mats for sale. For all of your access solution needs, contact GFI Solutions by calling our 24/7 customer service and support line: 1-833-GFI-MATS.

CLT Matting Solutions and Services

CLT Matting Solutions and Services

Are you looking for heavy-duty mats to ensure safety and productivity on your job site? Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) mats are a highly effective access matting solution that provides superior strength and durability and helps mitigate safety hazards associated with uneven terrain and heavy equipment. CLT mats are also often used as an alternative to rig mats. Learn more about CLT mats below, as well as other matting solutions offered by GFI !

What are CLT mats?

CLT mats are manufactured by bonding alternating perpendicular layers of wood using an environmentally safe structural adhesive, which results in superior strength and durability compared to traditional bolted mats. The adhesion used with CLT mats offers even weight distribution across the entire mat, unlike bolted mats that can only transfer load across the bolts. Additionally, the adhesion creates a smooth and solid matting top that reduces tripping hazards and vehicle damage.

Benefits of CLT Mats

GFI offers CLT mats that are made of Long Leaf Southern Yellow Pine Wood, which is 33% stronger than the most commonly used wood in bolted mats. These mats are two-thirds lighter in weight, saving you up to 60% on transportation costs and increasing your savings up to 40% on installation and removal costs. CLT mats are commonly used in heavy industries as they have high impact resistance and can withstand fluctuating climates. They offer a longer lifespan, lasting 3-5 times longer than bolted mats.

GFI Matting Solutions and Services

At GFI Solutions, we are proud to be Canada’s leading distributor of CLT matting products, including:

  • Site Safe 500 CLT Mats – 4′ or 8′ wide x 14′, 16′ or 18′ long
    • Used to support heavy equipment, heavy-duty ground cover and temporary foundations.
  • Site Safe 700 CLT Mats – 8’ wide x 14’ or 16’ long
    • Used as an alternative to crane mats or steel-framed rig mats as they are designed to handle exceptionally heavy equipment such as rigs.
  • Site Safe 900 CLT Mats – 4’ wide x 20’ long and 12” thick
    • Used in industrial projects to offer ground protection for heavy equipment such as cranes and transferring heavy loads on a worksite.
  • Traditional Rig Mats
    • Sizes: 8’ Wide x 20ft or 40ft Wide
    • Manufactured using 3 or 4 rail steel beams and wooden inserts

Our wide range of matting solutions is available for rent and purchase to ensure that you find the right product for your budget. In addition, we also provide various matting services, including:

  • Inventory Management
  • Delivery and Installation
  • Manufacturing
  • Mat Washing
  • Planning and Consultation

Whether you’re looking for robust and cost-effective matting products or reliable and quick matting services, GFI Solutions is here to help!

CLT Mats and More at GFI Solutions

Contact GFI Solutions today to learn more about our heavy-duty matting solutions, including rig mats, crane mats, access mats and more!

Expert Access Mat Installation and More From GFI Solutions

Expert Access Mat Installation and More From GFI Solutions

Are you looking for access mat installation support? If so, your search ends here with GFI Solutions! As Western Canada’s leading manufacturer and distributor of access mats and more, GFI Solutions is here to help you with all your access mat installation needs. Our team of access solutions experts understand the importance of having your access mats appropriately installed and efficiently, so your project doesn’t suffer from costly delays or unexpected damages. Below we’ll tell you more about GFI Solutions’ access mat installation services and our other turn-key support solutions. Continue reading to learn why you should partner with GFI Solutions for all your access solutions needs!

Plan Ahead, Plan Better

Access mats are critical pieces of access equipment that protect the environment and your crew when working in remote or rugged environments. GFI Solutions is proud to offer access mat installation services to best support the performance of your access matting. Proper installation of your access mats is critical for optimal performance, safety, and durability. If your access mats are not installed correctly, your mats are at risk of unexpected damage, costly replacements, and overall project delays.

At GFI Solutions, our team of experts is here to help you with all your access mat installation needs. Our team can even help you with your mat inventory management. That way, you never have to worry about whether or not your access mats will be delivered and installed on time. GFI Solutions is available 24/7 to ensure your project stays on time and within budget. So to best benefit your project’s bottom line and to avoid untimely project delays, partner with GFI Solutions for all of your access mat installation needs. With numerous access mats available, GFI Solutions is your source for access solutions, access mat installation, and more!

Support Services at GFI Solutions

At GFI Solutions, we proudly offer several other support solutions besides our access mat installation services. We strive to provide our customers with outstanding customer service. With our support solutions, you can rest assured that our access solutions expertise and customer service will help keep your project on scope and schedule. Some of the support solutions GFI Solutions offers are as follows:

  • Turn-Key Services
  • Inventory Management
  • Mat Manufacturing
  • Delivery & Installation
  • Mat Washing
  • Planning & Consultation

At GFI Solutions, our team proudly provides these support solutions to customers across Western Canada and nationwide. We strive to provide innovative access solutions and exceptional customer service, regardless of the scope or scale of your project. So when you need outstanding access mat installation, inventory management, or something else, GFI Solutions is here to help!

Ready to Get Started?

GFI Solutions is pleased to offer various access solutions, including new and used access mats, crane mats, access bridges, and more! Regardless of the scope of your project, industry, or worksite location, GFI Solutions is here to help you with all your access mat installation needs. Our turn-key solutions are tailored to your specific requirements. Whether you need lightweight and cost-effective Site Safe Cross Laminated Timber mat rentals, or mat washing services, GFI Solutions is your top choice for everything access solutions. Contact us today to learn more about our access mat installation services and other support services!