Environmental Benefits of CLT Access Mats: A Greener Choice

As the push for greater environmental responsibility continues across Canada, industries must invest in sustainable solutions that can help mitigate their environmental impact. Having the right access solutions is vital when it comes to companies working in remote or challenging locations. Fortunately, GFI Solutions’ CLT (Cross-Laminated Timber) access mats have emerged as a green solution that offers significant environmental and economic benefits. Continue reading to learn more about GFI Solutions CLT access mats and how they can benefit your business.

Understanding CLT Access Mats

GFI Solutions’ Site Safe CLT access mats are a type of ground protection mat made from sustainably sourced Long Leaf Southern Yellow Pine. Using an innovative manufacturing process, CLT access mats are incredibly strong, durable and environmentally friendly. At GFI Solutions, we have CLT access mats for sale or rent in three sizes:

  • Site Safe 500 CLT Mats – 4′ or 8′ wide x 14′, 16′ or 18′ long
  • Site Safe 700 CLT Mats – 8′ wide x 14′ or 16′ long
  • Site Safe 900 CLT Mats – 4′ wide x 20′ long and 12″ thick

When you need sustainably manufactured and durable access solutions, GFI Solutions CLT access mats are the sensible choice. Next, we will cover some environmental benefits of using CLT access mats.

1) Preserving Natural Habitats

One of the most significant environmental benefits of GFI Solutions CLT access mats is their ability to preserve natural habitats. Construction and resource extraction activities often occur in sensitive environments like marshes, forests, or remote areas. These ecosystems are vital for biodiversity and are crucial to the planet’s health.

CLT access mats evenly distribute the weight of heavy machinery, reducing ground disturbance and minimizing the impact on these delicate ecosystems. This means that construction and resource extraction activities can occur while preserving these areas’ natural beauty and ecological balance.

2) Sustainable Material Sourcing

The production of CLT access mats is also inherently sustainable due to the source of the raw material — sustainably sourced wood and environmentally safe adhesive. Unlike traditional ground protection mats made from non-renewable materials, oak, or Douglas fir, GFI Solutions CLT mats use wood from sustainably harvested Long Leaf Southern Yellow Pine. Southern Yellow Pine grows much faster than competing types of wood and is much stronger, resulting in access mats that last 3-5X longer than traditional ground protection mats.

3) Quick Restoration of Natural Areas

Once a project is complete, removing GFI Solutions’ CLT access mats is straightforward and minimally disruptive to the environment. Our team can even assist you with delivering, installing, and removing your access mats with our helpful turnkey services! This quick restoration of natural areas helps ecosystems recover more rapidly, allowing plant and animal life to return to their habitats sooner.

4) Lower Environmental Liability

Using CLT access mats can also help reduce environmental liability and potential fines associated with ground disturbance and damage to sensitive ecosystems. By choosing an environmentally responsible access solution, companies can demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and responsible resource management.

5) Versatility in Applications

Finally, GFI Solutions’ CLT access mats are versatile and can be used across various applications, including construction, mining, oil and gas, and renewable energy projects. Their adaptability means that companies across industries can benefit from their environmental advantages.

Find the CLT Access Mats You Need Here

GFI Solutions’ CLT access mats offer significant environmental benefits, making them a greener choice for ground protection and access in challenging terrains. As industries across Canada prioritize sustainability and environmental responsibility, our CLT access mats provide a practical and environmentally conscious solution for those seeking to reduce their impact on the planet while conducting essential operations in challenging environments.

Contact GFI Solutions today to learn more about our current inventory of CLT access mats for sale.