Portable Bridges for Remote Worksites

A remote job site has many challenges, especially in Canada’s rough and uneven terrain. If you’re struggling with creeks, ditches, and other major obstacles in topography, GFI’s portable bridges are the solution you need! Read on to learn more about the benefits of our portable bridges below!

Overcome Rough Terrain

The primary challenge industries face with remote worksites is safe and efficient transportation over rugged terrain. Oil & gas, forestry, petrochemical, construction and mining industries heavily rely on portable bridges to help them safely and efficiently overcome rough terrain without exceeding their budget or harming the environment. While temporary access mats can ease transportation on uneven terrain, portable bridges are essential when facilitating safe transportation over creeks, rivers and other significant gaps in topography. Portable bridges are an excellent matting solution for the ever-changing topography in Western Canada.

Environmentally Friendly Matting Solution

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a method of safe transportation in a remote worksite is its environmental impact. GFI’s portable bridge creates little disruption to the surrounding ecosystem to ensure that the surrounding habitats aren’t impacted. Once the project is over, the natural state of the remote site can go back to normal, as portable bridges can be easily dismantled without compromising the natural environment.

Cost-Effective Portable Bridges

While permanent bridges provide a safe structure for the transportation of machinery and heavy loads, it is both time-consuming and expensive to build. Not only is the building process costly, but it is also incredibly time-consuming. Most projects require an extended timeline to build a permanent bridge, increasing the overall time and budget of the project. A temporary bridge, like GFI’s Site Safe CLT Access Mat bridge, uses material that is easy to install and simple to transport. Our experts can seamlessly integrate the Site Safe CLT Access Mat bridge onto any remote site, saving you time and money. With our portable bridge, you won’t have to worry about extending your timeline or increasing your budget for delivering and building a permanent bridge. Our easy-to-deploy and lightweight, portable bridge includes the following:

Site Safe CLT Mats 40:

  • Weight Limit: 100 tons
  • Total Length: 40’
  • Maximum Spanning Distance: 35’
  • Matting: Site Safe CLT Access® 500 bearing mats and Site Safe CLT Access® 700 decking

Site Safe CLT Mats 56:

  • Weight Limit: 65 Tons
  • Total Length: 56’
  • Maximum Spanning Distance: 50’
  • Matting: Site Safe CLT Mats® 500 bearing mats and Site Safe CLT Mats® 700 decking

GFI Solutions is ready to deliver and assemble our sturdy and lightweight, portable bridges across Canada, no matter how remote your worksite is. We also offer the following solutions to ensure that your project stays on schedule and within budget:

  • Inventory Management
  • Turn-Key Solutions
  • Delivery and Washing
  • Manufacturing
  • Planning and Consultation

Find Your Access Solutions at GFI

We understand how important it is to safely access your worksite; that’s why we are proud to offer reliable and long-lasting access matting solutions for all projects across Western Canada. Contact us today for more information on our access solutions, including our portable bridges!