Turn To GFI for Rig Matting That Works for Every Job

Are you looking for rig mats that you can rely on, no matter the project? Are you tired of investing in access matting solutions that don’t last, and have you paying high maintenance or replacement costs? GFI Solutions is proud to be Edmonton’s source for site-safe...

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Move Over All Terrains With Bridge Rentals From GFI

Looking for a bridge rental service for your worksite? Look no further than Sterling Solutions’ TerraCross™ bridge! GFI Solutions is proud to be Canada's exclusive supplier of TerraCross™ bridges. This exceptional bridging option stands up against any terrain and can...

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Beat Terrible Terrain with TerraCross!

Need to bridge the gap over some terrible terrain? TerraCross™ bridges have you covered! Don’t let rivers, ditches, or swampy land leave you in a lurch, partner with GFI to discover our site safe access solutions today! Whether your job site is in the Canadian...

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Find the Swamp Mats You Need at GFI

If your crew is ramping for a new project, you’re likely in the process of procuring the many assets you need to keep things on schedule and efficient. Access mats (also known as swamp mats) are one of your best bets to overcome the challenges presented by the...

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Get Reliable Access With GFI’s Portable Bridges

Need a bridge for your temporary project? Are you worried about potential ditches, rivers or any other environmental complications that might come your way? We have your solution! Lightweight, easy to move, easy to maneuver and durable, the Sterling Solutions...

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Taking A Closer Look at Cross Laminated Timber

With year-end on its way procurement managers across Canada will no doubt be taking a closer look at their project expenses, including their spending on-site access solutions. If you’re not looking forward to seeing the cost of multiple replacement orders after...

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