Enhancing Safety and Efficiency with Temporary Bridge Solutions

As a project manager or contractor, ensuring your crews’ and equipments’ safety is of the utmost importance. Industrial projects in remote locations often require access solutions that enable the safe movement of goods, machinery, and personnel over challenging terrains. While access mats are a viable option for creating temporary pathways, they may not always be suitable for overcoming obstacles such as rivers, creeks, or precarious terrain. For these situations, GFI Solutions’ temporary bridge solutions offer a reliable and durable access option while minimizing environmental damage. Below, we will explore some benefits of GFI Solutions’ temporary access bridges. Continue reading to learn more.

Efficient and Safe Pathway

Canada’s diverse landscapes present numerous challenges, especially during the winter months with the rapid free-thaw cycle. While access mats can help provide a stable surface over uneven terrain, they may not offer a safe solution for bridging gaps in topography caused by rivers or creeks.

Fortunately, temporary bridge solutions, like GFI Solutions’ Site Safe CLT™ access bridges, offer a stable and secure pathway for equipment and personnel. Our portable bridges are designed to withstand various applications and weights, ensuring safe and efficient transportation across multiple terrains. GFI Solutions’ temporary bridges are ideal for projects requiring a temporary bridge to navigate challenging environments.

Benefits of Site Safe CLT™ Access Bridges

Engineered for superior performance, the Site Safe CLT™ access bridges offer multiple advantages, including increased safety, reduced transportation costs and minimized site cross-contamination. Moreover, GFI Solutions’ temporary bridge solutions are lightweight, making them easy to deploy, deliver, and install. Their unique design enables them to withstand extreme conditions, making GFI Solutions’ temporary bridge solutions suitable for projects dealing with extreme temperatures and weather conditions. At GFI Solutions, we offer two models of the Site Safe CLT™ access bridges:

Site Safe CLT™ 40:

  • Weight Limit: 100 tons
  • Maximum Spanning Distance: 35′
  • Total Length: 40′
  • Matting: Site Safe CLT® 500 bearing mats and Site Safe CLT® 700 decking

Site Safe CLT™ 56:

  • Weight Limit: 65 tons
  • Maximum Spanning Distance: 50′
  • Total Length: 56′
  • Matting: Site Safe CLT® 500 bearing mats and Site Safe CLT® 700 decking

GFI: Your Trusted Supplier of Access Products and Services

In addition to our new and used access matting products, GFI Solutions also offers several turnkey solutions. With inventory management, planning and consultations, custom manufacturing, and more, GFI Solutions is your source for exceptional customer service and access solutions. Our team of access solution experts is available 24/7 to meet your needs all across Western Canada! So don’t hesitate to reach out to our team if you have any questions regarding our temporary bridge solutions or other access products.

Find Your Temporary Bridge Solutions Today!

Temporary bridge solutions are invaluable for project managers and contractors working in challenging terrains or remote locations. GFI Solutions’ Site Safe CLT™ access bridges offer a reliable and efficient means of ensuring your equipment and crew can safely operate while at the same time minimizing your project’s impact on the environment. Contact GFI Solutions today to discover how our wide range of access solutions and turnkey services can benefit your worksite!