3 Types of Access Mat Grades You Must Know About to Choose the Right One for Your Project

When faced with the reality of navigating through rugged landscapes such as mud, swamps, or uneven terrain, access mats emerge as the unsung heroes of construction. But with various access mat grades available, choosing the right one can feel overwhelming. This post will break down the different access mat grades, explaining their basic details to ensure you select the proper access mat for your project.

#1 Grade A Mats

Grade A mats look like new but are used. They typically have minimal field use and negligible wear and tear, Grade A mats retain their original shape and structural integrity. All boards, nuts and bolts  are fully in tact.  Apart from investing in new access mats, Grade A mats are the next best option. They offer unmatched durability and reliability, making them the superior choice among other used options.

#2 Grade B Mats

Grade A and Grade B mats are pretty similar in appearance but not equally matched. Grade B mats are still structurally sound but will have moire wear and tear than a A grade access mat. While these mats may have slight cosmetic variations, their strength and functionality remain unaffected. So, don’t let the visual inadequacies of Grade B mats fool you. Despite showing some wear & tear, Grade B mats retain their fundamental qualities – stability and load capacity – making them a reliable option for most projects. Opting for Grade B mats can prove to be a savvy cost-saving strategy, particularly if you intend to utilize tracked equipment.

Access Mat Grade

#3 Grade C Mats

This type of mat may be missing top boards, nuts, bolts and typically does not have all four corners in tact. Grade C mats are often used as a budget-friendly solution for projects requiring less capacity. Many projects need various layers of matting. Grade C mats can also be used in such scenarios as base layers. 

Now that you better understand access mat grades, you’re well-equipped to choose the perfect solution for your project’s specific needs. Whether you require the top-tier performance of Grade A mats or the cost-effective functionality of Grade C, GFI Solutions LTD offers a comprehensive selection of access mats for sale. From traditional bolted access mats to specialized options like CLT access mats, our team of experts is here to guide you toward the optimal choice for your project’s success.  

We have decades of experience helping clients overcome challenging terrain using our access mats. Our experts work hand in hand with clients to assist them in finding the optimum solution for their project. Contact us today to discuss your access matting requirements and experience the difference our products and expertise can make.