CLT Access Mats 101: What It Is, Benefits, and Much More

Are you tackling a large civil construction project? If so, you’re likely familiar with the challenges posed by uneven terrain and environmentally sensitive work areas. Navigating heavy machinery across rocky landscapes or constructing temporary roadways can be daunting tasks.

If you’re grappling with these challenges and in need of a durable access solution, consider SiteSafe Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) mats. Unlike traditional options, SiteSafe CLT access mats offer superior strength, durability, and affordability. They provide reliable ground protection, minimizing the risk of cross-contamination.

Curious about SiteSafe CLT mats and their applications? Look no further – today’s blog has all the answers you need.

What Are SiteSafe Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) Access Mats, and How Are They Built?

CLT Timber access mats SiteSafe CLT Timber access mats are crafted from layers of wood bonded perpendicular to one another using a robust environmentally friendly adhesive. This process results in resilient solid access mats that outperform conventional bolted access mats. Once installed, these access mats create stable surfaces for temporary roads, right of ways, staging areas, and or work pads on sites with uneven or unstable terrain.

SiteSafe CLT construction mats unergo rigorous quality assurance tests to measure the durability and strength of the adhesive bond, ensuring that they are safe enough to be used on job sites for access and ground protection.

Benefits of SiteSafe CLT Access Mats at Construction Job Sites

Although GFI continues to provide traditional bolted access mats for temporary road access and heavy equipment navigation on construction sites, SiteSafe CLT heavy equipment mats and construction mats offer a compelling alternative. Not only are they sustainably built to align with forest practices, but they also boast superior durability, strength, safety, and cost-effectiveness.

Recent research indicates that SiteSafe CLT access mats can yield significant savings, reducing installation and removal expenses by up to 40% and transportation costs by 60% compared to conventional options. Additionally, CLT access mats provide enhanced ground protection where needed, surpassing the performance of traditional bolted mats on job sites.

All About CLT Access Mats

Is It Possible to Repair SiteSafe Cross-Laminated Timber Access Mats?

SiteSafe CLT access mats are deployed to stabilize unstable terrain on construction sites, such as rocky slopes, muskeg, soil, creeks, and swamps, ensuring safe and stable temporary road access or support for heavy equipment. Despite their resilience, there is a possibility of damage when tracked equipment is driven over them. However, any such damage can be easily repaired by skilled crews using appropriate tools, swiftly and securely.

Can SiteSafe CLT Access Mats be Reused at Different Construction Sites?

Indeed, SiteSafe Cross-Laminated Timber access mats, being a single solid piece of wood, offer a simpler cleaning process compared to traditional bolted access mats with gaps. Moreover, when a SiteSafe CLT mat reaches the end of its lifespan, it can be repurposed in versatile ways, such as serving as livestock bedding, contributing to biofuel production, or acting as a ground surface for mulch.

In Conclusion

Ready to adopt this durable access solution? If so, look no further! At GFI Solutions LTD, we specialize in providing SiteSafe CLT access matting solutions tailored to your needs. Whether your project involves construction, oil and gas, pipeline, mining, or any other industry, we’ve got you covered with custom sizing options. Whether you require 10 access mats for ground stabilization or 10,000 mats, with our large fleet of equipment, skilled crews, and quality products GFI Soltuions ensures a swift and safe execution.

As a matter of fact, GFI boasts the largest fleet of CLT and traditional bolted 8’ x 14’ access mats for sale in Canada. Don’t hesitate – reach out to our team today or request a quote to kickstart your project with confidence!