Are There Different Site Access Solutions?

Contractors and project managers looking for access mats often refer to them as swamp mats. While swamp mats and access mats share similarities, they are quite different. Ordering the wrong mats for your project can result in frustration and delays, so before putting in your next order of site access mats, read the following blog to learn more about the different types of matting solutions you might need.

Access Mats

Starting with the most common type of matting option available, access mats. If you’re looking for a matting solution that can be used as temporary roads that help equipment move in and out of a job site, then you should be looking for access mats. They are manufactured in many sizes and can handle various weights. Generally, access mats come in either Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) design or the traditional bolted format.

Swamp Mats

While access mats are often referred to as “swamp mats,” they do serve different purposes. Swamp mats are usually installed to support heavy equipment operating on soft ground. In warmer climates where rain and moisture are very common, the ground starts to become very soft and requires swamp mats to stabilize the ground.

Rig Mats

For those looking for site mats to support oil rigs and large-scale equipment such as construction equipment, then you should be looking for rig mats. Projects that require camps, drilling rigs, tanks and helipads would often opt for rig mats as they are engineered to withstand the weight of heavy machinery and provide the support needed.

Crane Mats

Crane mats are similar to rig mats but are designed with a steel frame that can withstand more weight and provide more support to heavy equipment than rig mats. GFI Solutions proudly offers the TerraLam®’s 500 series mats that feature the TerraLam 504 and TerraLam 508. Both crane mats are lighter and stronger than comparative mats and increase your saving!

Access Bridges

Access bridges are very common in the oil & gas, construction, petrochemical and forestry industries. Remote job sites can make it very difficult for heavy machinery to cross the terrain or even to transport material safely. Access bridges become very beneficial in remote work sites where access mats cannot provide the reliability needed. If your worksite is in an area where there are rivers, creeks or any major gaps in the terrain, access bridges can help you bridge the gap.

Get your Durable Site Access Solutions from GFI

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