CLT Crane Mats: A New Path To Success

In need of heavy-duty access mat solutions? Whether you’re in the oilfield, pipeline, or power industry, crane and rig mats are a highly valuable resource that can help mitigate accessibility challenges, as well as increase worksite safety and environmental sustainability. For decades, traditional timber mats have been the primary choice by default, but with newer innovations now available on the market, companies stand to benefit from the many advantages CLT benefits offer, including superior performance, increased savings, and more. Learn more about the reasons you should consider making the switch from timber to CLT crane mats below.

Why It’s Time For a Change

While it’s fair to say that timber matting has served its intended purpose over the past few decades, there is a common misconception that timber solutions are the strongest available. In actuality, however, bolted timber mats are made from a mixture of hard and soft woods that are not held to any specified standards. This means they cannot always be counted on to be as durable, and the required bolts can cause breaks at stress points when subjected to heavy pressure by cranes or other heavy machinery. Add in the fact that timber mats take multiple truckloads to transport and require complicated installation to get started, and it becomes apparent that timber mats are not always the most preferable option for the job.

As an innovative new solution, CLT mats address each of these issues, offering superior and long-lasting performance, as well as a significantly lighter weight profile (up to 40% less than bolted mats) that allows for up to 25% more mats to be shipped per load. Designed to perform under even the toughest of circumstances, CLT mats are versatile, long-lasting, and suitable for use in a wide range of industries including oil & gas, petrochemical, power, and more.

What Makes CLT Mats Different?

The secret to success where CLT mats are concerned comes down to their unique build and composition. Unlike traditional bolted mats which are created using a mix of wood fibres and steel bolts to create fixed points, cross-laminated timber mats are made from southern yellow pine and bond alternating perpendicular layers of wood together with an environmentally safe adhesive that helps keep the mat strong, as well as protected from outside factors like moisture and contaminants. Able to flex under the pressure of extreme loads like cranes, CLT mats evenly disperse weight throughout the entire mat as opposed to specific bolt points, reducing your chance of sudden breakages and allowing for exceptional performance in the longterm. Additional benefits of CLT mats include:

  • Life cycle that is 3-5 the length of traditional mats
  • Easy installation
  • Can haul more mats per transport load
  • High impact resistance, and more.

Heavy Duty Crane Mat Solutions At GFI

GFI Solutions is proud to carry TerraLam®’s 500 series mats, which feature 2 lengths; 4 feet (TerraLam 504) and 8 feet (TerraLam 508), both of which are lighter and stronger than comparative timber mats. The innovative cross-grain technology allows them to outperform competitors all while saving you money on hauling and installations costs. Learn about our available products and services including sales and rentals, mat washing, installation, and more by contacting GFI today.