Why Your Project Should Use Lightweight Crane Mats

If your project requires heavy machinery, you should also make sure that you utilize a crane mat. Crane mats are engineered to keep your work site as safe and accessible as possible. Without crane matting, accessing your site and efficiently working on your project can be compromised, not to mention the potential for environmental damages can increase. At GFI Solutions, we offer both CLT and traditional bolted crane mat options. That way, you can finish your project on time and without other access-related issues; below, we’ll discuss CLT mats and the benefits of using crane mats on your project. Continue reading to learn more!

CLT Mats: Engineered for Success

TerraLam’s Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) crane mats are engineered to outperform traditional bolted mats. They offer customers increased durability and performance as they can flex under pressure without damage. CLT mats have a lifespan 3-5 times longer than bolted mats as they evenly distribute the weight of your equipment across the entire mat. In addition, the uniquely formulated adhesive in CLT mats also acts as a protective barrier against decay and rot while remaining environmentally friendly. At GFI Solutions, we’re proud to offer our customers CLT and traditional bolted matting options. The following will discuss the benefits of using both types of crane mats on your project.

Sturdy and Safe Surface

When working in our challenging Canadian environments, your equipment and workers will likely be forced to deal with uneven, soft, muddy terrain. If you try to use a crane without the adequate support it requires, your equipment is at risk of falling over, getting stuck, or being damaged. Nevertheless, crane mats from GFI Solutions can ensure your equipment is safe and secure.

Work More Efficiently

Attempting to use a crane on ground that’s soft or uneven can be a recipe for disaster. To navigate challenging environments, you’ll have to maneuver your equipment carefully. Even with the most careful driver behind the wheel, there are still many risks. Not to mention, working so cautiously can slow your project’s progress. Crane mats can assist your team in working more efficiently over challenging terrain by providing a durable foundation to work off of.

Prevent Your Equipment from Getting Stuck

In addition to providing a stable base, a crane mat prevents your equipment and workers from getting stuck in the mud. Depending on the terrain, your crane can quickly sink into the ground, especially after significant rainfalls or in swampy environments. Getting large and heavy equipment stuck in the mud can bring your project to a complete halt and potentially cause damage to expensive and vital components. A crane mat can provide a stable surface for heavy cranes and workers, and they’re easy to remove from a worksite once your project is completed.

Lightweight Crane Mats from GFI

At GFI Solutions, our team understands the challenges your project may face. Lightweight crane mats are an accessible, reliable, and cost-effective solution GFI proudly offers. In addition to access solutions, we also provide 24/7 service for rentals and sales, turnkey services, inventory management, and more! Are you interested in learning more about our crane mats? Contact GFI Solutions today!