Why Crane Mats Matter

Spring is just around the corner, and with construction companies gearing up for build season, the time to set up for success is now. From procuring the right equipment to laying the right foundation to operate on, planning ahead is the best way to make sure your project proceeds according to schedule. GFI Solutions is proud to offer clients in the construction, Oil & Gas, and heavy industrial sectors access to leading CLT mat solutions they can count on. Cross Laminated Timber access and crane mats are one of the best ways to get your job site up to speed, comply with environmental protection standards, and avoid hazards that lead to costly delays. Below, we’ll discuss some of the perks of working with crane mats. Read on to learn more.

Taking a Closer Look at Site Safe CLT Access Mats

Access mats are designed to, as their name suggests, facilitate a safer and more efficient worksite. Canadian climate and geography can be rough on equipment and operators, so having a steady base (more on that below) is essential for safety and job site navigation. Access mats are great as temporary roadways, platforms and other needs as the weather changes and can prevent you from getting stuck in the mud—literally. Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) has become the trusted industry standard for access matting and are able to stand up to the tasks typically handled by rig and crane mats thanks to their superior strength.

Benefits to using site safe CLT access mats on your job site include:

Easy Set-Up

We’re all on the go, and during construction season, the last thing you need is to face complication installation for your site solutions. GFI is proud to offer same-day shipping, as well as on-site installation to make sure you have everything you need correctly in place; saving time and reducing the margins for error along the way.

Protects the Ground

Environmental sustainability has risen to the forefront of the build process due to the many federal and provincial standards that are in place. Access and rig mats help to protect the landscape from the damage caused by hauling, chemical usage, etc.

Solid Base for Equipment

Heavy equipment like cranes and rigs can pose a significant risk to the environment, as well as to your crew members without the proper foundation in place to prevent them from sinking into the mud or sliding in adverse conditions.

Durable and Long-lasting

Cross Laminated Timber offers a vastly superior life cycle in comparison to traditional bolted mats, lasting roughly 3-5 times longer. This translates into better value for your company and gives you an important resource you can count on job after job.


One of the best aspects of CLT mats is the immense versatility they offer on-site. From serving as a rig or crane platform to makeshift roads, safe storage solutions and more, the right fit can be perfectly customized for almost every application!

Need Access Matting Solutions You Can Trust?

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