What are CLT Access Mats

Managing an industrial project in Western Canada during our harsh winter season can be very challenging, especially when it comes to facilitating the transportation of goods and equipment. Finding reliable access mats to create solid and sturdy temporary roads can be difficult, especially with Canada’s challenging terrain.

At GFI Solutions, our mission is to help customers in all industries overcome the problems currently associated with available matting options. We are proud to introduce Cross Laminated Timber mats that are engineered to be more durable and stronger than current matting options while also being cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Learn more about our CLT products below!

What Are Cross-Laminated Timber Mats?

CLT mats are manufactured using the process of bonding layers of wood perpendicularly with an environmentally friendly adhesive instead of bolts. They are also manufactured using Southern Yellow Pine wood, which is stronger and more sustainable than traditional Douglas Fir. The unique manufacturing process creates reliable CLT mats that are:

Flexible and Strong

CLT mats are designed to offer exceptional strength and flexibility to be able to assist heavy machinery and provide the support needed. Using an adhesive to bond the mats together instead of bolts creates a mat with a smooth surface and without any gaps. This allows the CLT access mat to be more flexible and flex under pressure as heavy weight is equally distributed throughout the surface.

Durable in Tough Conditions

CLT mats also provide superior performance in cold weather as they have been tested in temperatures as low as -70ºF. The adhesive also protects the access mats from any damage that may occur due to moisture, extending their life cycle. When operating in muddy, wet or even icy conditions, GFI’s access mats solid top make transportation safe for your crew and equipment as the mud and snow can be quickly cleared off.

Environmentally Friendly

For those who are looking for a more sustainable choice, CLT access mats are the perfect choice for you. All GFI’s CLT access mats are built with sustainable forest practices, as we only use Southern Yellow Pine wood. Unlike Oak, Southern Yellow Pine is grown to harvestable maturity in 20 years, which minimizes the negative impacts on the environment.

Multiple Options

As GFI Solutions manufactures, supplies, delivers and installs CLT mats, we have an extensive inventory of access mats for all your needs. Our CLT mats are available in 3-ply, 5-ply, 9-ply, and more! We are also able to provide customers with customized CLT mats that adhere to their unique needs.

Rent or Buy

All of GFI’s access mats are available for purchase or rent. We understand that some projects require a certain number of access mats for a short period of time, with no place to store them after completion. Our access mat rental service is designed to give customers peace of mind when it comes to storing and transporting mats wherever they go.

Find CLT Mats at GFI Solutions

At GFI Solutions, you can find a range of site-access products and services for your every need. We offer access mats, rig mats, crane mats, access bridges and more! Contact our team today to learn more!