Toughness You Can Count On: TerraLam® Rig Mats

It’s time to trade in tough terrain and headaches for site access solutions you can count on. When your job site demands heavy-duty matting to keep up with the wear and tear of machinery and transportation fleets, you need products you can count on to perform under pressure, no matter the application. GFI Solutions is proud to offer industry-leading products, including exclusive access to Sterling Solutions’ range of TerraLam® access mats. Constructed using game-changing CLT methods, TerraLam®’s mats are built to taking a beating without cracking under pressure. When the going gets tough, GFI is your first choice for dependable site access products. From the oil & gas industry in Calgary to mining and more Canada wide, we have you covered!

Meet TerraLam®

For years, heavy industry job sites have struggled to find adequate site access solutions. Between the difficulties caused by managing extremely heavy loads and the natural challenges of the Canadian climate and terrain, finding mats that stay tough when it matters the most can often feel like quite the tall order. While traditional bolted mats have served their purpose, they are prone to sudden breakages, and can often cost more with the need for constant replacement. CLT rig mats are designed to address such concerns and alleviate headaches by making sure you’ll always have a stable foundation to transport materials, as well as support heavy equipment. TerraLam®’s 500 series uses innovative CLT construction to create a product that stays strong under pressure and performs flawlessly time and time again.


The evolution of site access solutions is here! Unlike their bolted counterparts TerraLam® Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) mats are constructed using alternating perpendicular layers of wood that are then bonded with a special environmentally friendly adhesive for optimal strength and safety. The adhesive allows mats to flex with each load and distribute weight evenly as opposed to exclusively at bolt points, resulting in increased strength and longevity.

Key benefits of using TerraLam® CLT mats include:

  • High impact resistance and durability.
  • Increased life span (3-5 times that of traditional mats).
  • Glue lamination and wax sealed on all 4 edges of the mat to make it less vulnerable to moisture and rot.
  • Able to withstand the Canadian climate, all year-round.
  • Solid matting top reduces tripping hazards, as well as the tired damage to vehicles.
  • Lower shipping costs due to the lightweight nature of the mats (up to 60% more load capacity), and more.

TerraLam® CLT Access Mats at GFI

GFI is proud to be a full-scale solutions provider for the site access industry across Canada spanning key locations from Calgary all the way to the Maritimes. Our team offers customers access to 24/7 rental and sales service, as well as mat washing, installation, turnkey services, and more. Learn more about our products, including TerraLam® rig mats by contacting our team today!