The CLT Rig Mat Difference at GFI Solutions

For years GFI Solutions has provided the oil and gas industry with the access solutions they need to get their projects done safely and efficiently. In addition to the oil and gas industry, our team is proud to provide numerous other sectors with the rig mats they require for their remote worksites. Each worksite has its own unique challenges rig mats need to be able to withstand. Fortunately, GFI Solutions is Sterling Solutions’ premier distributor of Site Safe Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) rig mats. As Alberta’s top choice for access solutions, GFI Solutions is proud to stand apart from the competition. Here are a few ways our rig mats and turnkey services set us apart! Continue reading to learn more.

Reliable and Durable Rig Mats

Have you experienced rig mat failure while in the middle of your project in Alberta? If so, that’s likely a sign that you should switch to GFI Solutions’ Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) rig mats. Our CLT rig mats are designed to assist you and your crew throughout the entire duration of your project. They’re created by adhering perpendicular planks of Southern Yellow Pine with eco-friendly glue. CLT rig mats can withstand even the heaviest loads and are about 30% stronger than traditional bolted mats. This strength and flexibility mean that CLT rig mats are more durable and have a significantly greater lifespan. Since CLT rig mats do not have any bolts, they’re also better at protecting the sensitive Albertan environment you’re working in from cross-contamination. We are the premier distributor of Sterling Solutions’ Site Safe CLT rig mats at GFI Solutions. So when you need reliable and durable rig mats that can withstand the pressure of your heavy equipment, GFI Solutions has the access solution for you!

Service You Can Count On

In addition to our range of rig mats, GFI Solutions is pleased to offer our customers a variety of turnkey services. From mat delivery and installation to mat washing and inventory management, GFI Solutions is here to assist you throughout every phase of your project. When you partner with GFI Solutions, you’ll receive outstanding service to make your project planning more manageable and efficient. With decades of experience, we will surely have access solutions and services you need! 24/7 service support is available at GFI Solutions. Let us help you get the rig mats you need to get the job done!

Partner with GFI Solutions for Your Oil Rig Mats

GFI Solutions is here to help you make your project in Alberta safe and navigable with our range of CLT rig mats. CLT rig mats are sure to be a durable solution for all of your access needs. With incredible services and products from GFI Solutions, our team is confident you’ll be satisfied with everything GFI offers! Contact us today to learn more about our CLT rig mats and how our turnkey services can make a difference in your project!