The Best Access Mats in Alberta

GFI Solutions is the leading access mat distributor for all of Canada. Our access mats in Alberta are quality mats that last longer than traditional bolted mats. They are made of a lighter material and comply with all of your project’s environmental regulations, so you do not have to worry about the damage that your temporary terrain solutions are safe. Keep reading to learn more about what we can do for you regarding your access mat needs in Alberta!

Our Access Mats in Alberta

GFI Solutions offers cost-effective access mats in Alberta to help you overcome terrain challenges while respecting the surrounding natural habitat. Each Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) access mat is glued together with an environmentally friendly adhesive, strengthening each mat’s durability through weight distribution and weather resistance.

At GFI, we understand that Alberta weather can range from brutal snowstorms to wildfire-prone months. We also understand that despite the weather, you have work to get done on a set timeline. Our access mats in Alberta are created for such circumstances, where wax on all four edges creates weather resistance from most elements. We also offer a Mat Management Program to help you get more use out of your access mats.

Manufactured from sustainably sourced Southern Yellow Pine, our CLT mats are perfect for your unfavourable terrain problems. The Site Safe Access Mats can be transported to you at higher volumes due to their lightweight and long-lasting build; you can save up to 60% on freight costs. Each access mat in Alberta is designed to last more than one project, giving you more return on your investment for each CLT mat purchased. These CLT access mats will typically last three to five times longer than other access mats in Alberta.

The access mats we have available are:

  • Site Safe 300 CLT
  • Site Safe 500 CLT
  • Site Safe 700 CLT

If you are looking for another sizing option or are trying to decide what product is best for your Alberta project, our access mat experts would love to talk to you on our 24/7 service and support phone.

Who is GFI Solutions For?

We provide access mats to many industries, including drilling, construction, oil and gas, forestry and more. Anyone looking for access mats in Alberta can come to GFI Solutions for quality, cost-effective terrain access solutions. Our team can take on delivery and installation to make the process of getting your Alberta access mats as easy as possible. GFI professionals will handle your access mats properly to avoid any potential damage from moving.

The Best In All of Alberta

As Canada’s leading matting distributor, GFI Solutions is proud to offer an extensive inventory of quality access mats, rig mats and more. We offer long-lasting, cost-effective access matting solutions for your project’s needs. Call our 24-hour customer service and support line at any time, or fill out our contact form and we will get back to you.