Take Your Worksite to the Next Level with CLT Mats

As an expert operating in the construction industry, your work comes with a host of unique needs and requirements to ensure safe and efficient site access. GFI Solutions has extensive experience partnering with companies within the construction sector to provide reliable and cost-efficient site-safe access mats to fulfill their unique worksite needs.

GFI Solutions is proud to bring you high-quality access mats for your construction site. As the exclusive retailer for Sterling Solutions Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) mats in Canada, we are proud to provide the most innovative and cost-saving option in safe site access. Here are a few benefits to switching from traditional bolted mats to CLT mats.

Extremely Durable

CLT mats our products you can trust to give you the most durable access you need for all your projects. Made with a stronger and lighter material than traditional bolted mats, these innovative access mat solutions save you money.

CLT access mats are so durable and reliable that we waive damage and replacement costs. We trust that these products can withstand extreme weather conditions, and are able to maintain their structural integrity regardless of the climate.

At GFI, we know that each construction site can look very different. CLT access mats cover all your access needs, whether your construction site is dealing with mud, snow or ice. Our mats are built with a strong surface that makes removal easy, with minimal damage to the mat.

These powerful mats are also made to distribute weight evenly to allow for less damage, both on the mat itself and any machinery. Bolted mats can break because weight is can only be moved to specific points. CLT mats are made smarter and, with an even distribution of weight, are able to hold machinery better without breaking or splintering.

Protruding bolts in bolted mats can also be an obstacle for your crew and machinery. These bolts can puncture or hurt anything moving on its surface. With CLT mats, you get a smooth surface that uses a powerful adhesive to bond layers of wood instead of bolts. This allows for easy and safe transport of goods and crew across the mat.

Save On Transportation Costs

Since CLT mats are made with southern yellow pine fibre, they weigh 33% less than standard bolted mats. This lighter access solution saves you money on transportation. With a loading capacity of 72 mats, CLT mats can cut up to 60% of transportation fees off of your budget.

Save On Installation and Removal

Stronger and lighter than traditional bolted mats, CLT mats also make for quick and easy installation and removal. Given their lightweight structure, you save up to 40% on setup and breakdown, cutting costs and saving time.

Choose GFI For Your Best Worksite Access

Looking to take your worksite to the next level with a cost-saving and extremely durable safe access solution? Contact us to learn more about our CLT access mat options today!