Change the Way You Work For the Better With CLT Mats

Change the Way You Work For the Better With CLT Mats

GFI Solutions is here to change the way you work for the better. We offer you some of the best matting for industries such as mining, construction, and oil and gas. Our catalogue of products has been trusted all over Canada, and our Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) mats, manufactured by Sterling Solutions, have been a staple on hundreds of worksites. With CLT mats that you can trust, you save on various costs, and you ensure safe transport on your worksite.

What Makes CLT Mats Stand Out

CLT mats are an excellent solution for any worksite. These high-quality worksite access solutions are manufactured by Sterling Solutions and are made without bolts. This change makes for a better mat that sets the standard for worksite transportation.

Better Weight Distribution

CLT mats are engineered to distribute the weight of large loads without damaging the load or getting damaged. The mats are made by using an environmentally friendly bonding so that the wood can flex safely, distributing the weight to allow for less damage. The CLT 500 is precisely engineered to withstand heavier loads like rigs or cranes.

Made Stronger

These mats are made with Southern Yellow Pine Wood fibre, a premium material that is 30% tougher than Douglas fir. Since Douglas fir is the standard wood for most matting solutions, CLT mats are better equipped to handle the task of holding heavy equipment without causing significant damage or being unsafe. Other site access mats are only able to transfer the load to the mechanical fasteners, while CLT mats keep the weight evenly distributed for a less damaging effect on the mat.


Since these mats handle weight distribution better than their competitors, they last longer. You can save yourself money and time by investing in a mat that will continue to serve your project needs for years to come. With CLT mats, you can skip the time-consuming and costly process of having to replace your mats every few projects. Instead, you know you can rely on your CLT mats to always get the job done.

These mats also last longer because they are made with different environmental factors in mind. With complex and frequently unpredictable topography, it is crucial to have reliable and safe equipment on your side. Since CLT mats are made with a strong moisture barrier, you can trust that your mats will not sustain water damage.

With the CLT mat moisture barrier, you can avoid long-term damage accrual. This moisture barrier prevents problems like rot or decay from happening so that you can keep your mats in perfect condition for all of your future projects. The CLT mat is built to last so you can save yourself the worry of replacing equipment or having your mats break on the job.

Get the Best with CLT Site Safe Access

Make the right choice by bringing CLT mats to your worksite. Durable, easy to move and created with innovation and high quality in mind, these mats will always get the job done right. GFI Solutions is the exclusive retailer for CLT mats from Sterling Solutions.