Solving Challenging Worksite Access Problems with Swamp Mats

Solving Challenging Worksite Access Problems with Swamp Mats

In construction and resource industries, worksite access can be a significant challenge. Many projects take place in remote or environmentally sensitive areas where traditional access routes are limited, if not entirely absent. It’s in these challenging terrains that swamp mats from GFI Solutions prove to be invaluable assets, offering solutions to access problems that might otherwise bring projects to a standstill. Next, we will discuss how GFI Solutions’ swamp mats conquer common worksite access problems. Keep reading to find out more.

Understanding the Challenge

Worksites located in remote or heavily forested areas face a variety of challenges. Without the proper access solutions, vehicles and equipment can quickly become bogged down, causing delays, resource wastage, and environmental damage. This is where swamp mats from GFI Solutions come into play, providing much-needed stability and protection for equipment, personnel, and the environment.

The Versatility of Swamp Mats

Swamp mats, access mats or ground protection mats are robust, portable platforms designed to create a stable surface on unstable or muddy terrains. At GFI Solutions, we offer CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) swamp mats, traditional bolted access mats, and used swamp mats to suit every project’s access needs and budget. Here’s how our inventory of swamp mats can solve some of the most common worksite access problems:

1) Preservation of Sensitive Environments

In ecologically delicate areas like wetlands or forests, preserving the natural habitat is a top priority. GFI Solutions’ swamp mats distribute the weight of heavy machinery, preventing damage to fragile ecosystems. This ensures that construction or resource extraction activities can coexist with nature without causing harm.

2) Preventing Soil Erosion

Swamp mats act as a barrier between heavy equipment and the ground. By reducing ground pressure and minimizing soil disturbance, they help prevent soil erosion and protect bodies of water from sediment contamination. This, in turn, contributes to maintaining water quality.

3) Access to Remote Areas

GFI Solutions’ swamp mats are portable and can be easily installed and removed, making them ideal for accessing remote or hard-to-reach locations. They provide a stable pathway for equipment traversing challenging terrain, enabling efficient project execution. With GFI Solutions’ mat delivery and installation services, our team can ensure your swamp mats are correctly installed and ready to go. That way, you can focus on other aspects of the setup and execution of your project.

4) Minimizing Equipment Damage

The harsh conditions of challenging work sites can take a toll on heavy equipment. Swamp mats provide a level surface that reduces wear and tear on machinery, extending their lifespan and saving on maintenance costs.

5) Cost-Efficiency

While swamp mats are an initial investment, they pay off in the long run by reducing project delays and equipment repair costs. The cost-efficiency of GFI Solutions’ access mats is especially evident in remote areas where alternative access solutions may be prohibitively expensive.

Find Swamp Mats at GFI Solutions

Solving challenging work site access problems is essential for the success of construction and resource projects in demanding environments. GFI Solutions‘ swamp mats provide a sustainable and practical solution that facilitates access and prioritizes environmental conservation and cost-effectiveness. They are a testament to how innovation in ground protection technology can bridge the gap between human progress and environmental stewardship, ensuring we can build a better future while respecting the natural world.

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Lightweight and Cost-Effective Swamp Mats

Lightweight and Cost-Effective Swamp Mats

For those working in the oil & gas, forestry, mining, civil and renewable energy industry, you have definitely experienced the challenges posed by Canada’s difficult landscapes. Working in a remote location and navigating heavy machinery and heavy loads across unstable terrain can be extremely dangerous, which is why you need robust and long-lasting matting solutions that can withstand the demands of your project.

If you’re a project manager searching for a lightweight, cost-effective and site-safe access solution for your next project, GFI Solutions has the perfect product for you. As Canada’s leading supplier of access matting solutions, GFI solutions is proud to offer a range of swamp mats. Our cost-effective and lightweight swamp mats offer you a durable solution that can meet the requirements of your project. Learn more about the benefits of our CLT swamp mats below!

Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) Mats

Generally, traditional bolted mats are the primary choice for site-safe access solutions; however, there are better options available on the market. CLT swamp mats are much more suited for heavy industries than traditional bolted mats. Instead of using traditional Douglas Fir to manufacture access mats, CLT mats are manufactured from Long Leaf Southern Yellow Pine wood fiber, which is 33% stronger than Douglas Fir. Compared to traditional bolted mats, CLT swamp mats are a safer and longer-lasting access solution for heavy equipment and heavy loads.

Safer For the Environment

Long Leaf Southern Yellow Pine wood is not only 33% stronger than Douglas Fir, but it’s also much more sustainable as it grows to harvestable maturity in approximately 20 years, whereas Douglas Fir takes up to 80 years. At GFI Solutions, we believe that it’s our responsibility to ensure the safety of your machinery, crew and environment, which is why we offer sustainable access matting solutions that can meet the needs of your project without causing harm to the environment.

Solid Foundation

The adhesion used to bond the fiber in our CLT swamp mats create a smooth and solid top surface that eliminates many hazards on the job site. Unlike traditional bolted mats, CLT mats don’t rely on bolts which removes the risk of puncture injuries or vehicle damage from loose bolts or gaps between the boards. GFI solutions Site Safe CLT access mats also have a wax sealer on all four edges of our swamp mats to reduce moisture absorption and increase the longevity of the mats.

Lightweight and Cost Effective Solution

There are many factors that determine the budget of your matting needs, including the cost of the product, transport, installation, removal and storage. Our CLT swamp mats are engineered to be two-thirds the weight of traditional bolted mats! We can fit 72 CLT swamp mats per load, saving you up to 60% in transportation costs! With a lighter CLT swamp mat, you will be able to fit more mats on loaders and shuttle trucks, increasing your savings by up to 40% on installation and removal costs. Save time and money and keep your project on track with GFI Solutions’ CLT swamp mats.

Our inventory of CLT access mats includes the following:

Site Safe 300 CLT Access Mats

  • Sizes: 4′ or 8′ wide x 14′, 16′ or 18′
  • 3-ply construction
  • Manufactured from sustainably sourced Long Leaf Southern Yellow Pine

Site Safe 500 CLT Access Mats

  • Sizes: 4′ or 8′ wide x 14′, 16′ or 18′
  • 5-ply construction
  • Manufactured from sustainably sourced Long Leaf Southern Yellow Pine

Site Safe 700 CLT Access Mats

  • Sizes: 8′ wide x 14′ or 16′
  • 7-ply construction
  • Manufactured from sustainably sourced Long Leaf Southern Yellow Pine

Site Safe Access Services and Products 

Our 24/7 service and support team offers customers access to our access matting products and services, including our rental and sales, mat washing, installation and turnkey services.

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What is a Swamp Mat?

What is a Swamp Mat?

Swamp mats play a crucial role in ensuring your job site is safe, accessible and abiding by environmental standards. Access mats, also referred to as swamp mats, allow for the safe transportation of materials to and from your project site, allowing work to proceed on pace and budget. Rugged terrain, challenging weather, and remote work sites shouldn’t slow your project down. At GFI Solutions, we are proud to support our fellow Canadian businesses with safe site access solutions for any job. With a comprehensive inventory that features industry-leading access solutions, GFI is one of Canada’s leading suppliers of swamp mats and more. Learn more about the difference between a swamp and access mat and GFI’s offering of site access solutions below.

Swamp Mats or Access Mats?

You’ve likely heard of both swamp and access mats throughout the industry, but what’s the difference? Well, it’s relatively simple; swamp mats and access mats both refer to the standard matting solutions used to create temporary roadways and on-site infrastructure that allows for the safe transportation of equipment, goods, and workers. At GFI Solutions, we offer a range of access matting solutions that can handle a variety of weights, including traditional bolted mats and the premier Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) mats.

There is little difference between swamp mats and access mats; the only thing setting them apart is that the term swamp mats are typically a regionally specific term. In climates that are generally humid and marshy, access mats are called swamp mats; however, those same mats will be called access mats in our more northern environment. However, it is essential to note that swamp/ access mats are not the same as rig mats. Rig mats are heavy-duty access solutions used with large equipment such as excavators.

CLT Mats at GFI Solutions

Our wild Canadian landscape and weather are among the most challenging obstacles companies must face while working on their project. Sudden shifts in temperature and precipitation can make a worksite muddy and icy overnight, so moving heavy equipment can be nearly impossible. Luckily GFI Solutions has the CLT access mats you need to make your job site better to navigate and keep your project moving on time. CLT mats are designed to outperform traditional bolted mats. With a life cycle that’s 3-5 times longer than bolted mats and 25% lighter, it’s no wonder how CLT mats can save you time and money.

Swamp Mats, Access Solutions, and More at GFI

At GFI, we are proud to distribute site access solutions across Canada. As a premier distributor of Sterling Sterling Solutions’ range of TerraLam® products, including their 300 and 500 model access mats, access bridges and more, we will have the site access solutions you need. Our team of industry experts offers our clients access to 24/7 rental and sales service, mat washing, expedited delivery, turnkey services, and more. Learn more about access solutions by contacting our team today!