Seasonal Projects and Rig Mat Rentals: Flexibility for Temporary Needs

Seasonal Projects and Rig Mat Rentals: Flexibility for Temporary Needs

Not every construction or resource extraction project is a long-term endeavour. Many industries face seasonal or short-term projects that require access to challenging terrains and stable work foundations. In these situations, rig mat rentals from GFI Solutions can provide a flexible and cost-effective solution that meets the specific needs of seasonal or short-term projects. Next, we will explore how GFI Solutions’ rig mat rentals offer the ideal balance of flexibility and functionality for seasonal projects. Continue reading to find out more!

1) Cost-Effective Flexibility

GFI Solutions rig mat rentals offer companies a cost-effective option for obtaining the access and ground protection solutions they need for their seasonal projects. Renting with GFI allows companies to access the rig mats they need without forking over substantial capital investments required for purchasing mats outright. This flexibility is essential for projects with tight budgets or fluctuating access solution needs.

2) Quick Deployment and Removal

At GFI Solutions, our rig mats are designed for quick installation and removal. This enhanced efficiency is invaluable for seasonal projects with limited operation windows, enabling their crews to get to work as soon as possible. With 24/7 support at GFI Solutions, our team can help you install and remove your rented rig mats day or night, all year round. With GFI Solutions rig mat rentals, you can minimize project downtime.

3) Environmental Responsibility

Many seasonal projects occur in environmentally sensitive areas, thus requiring appropriate ground protection measures. Our rig mat rentals offer environmental benefits by reducing ground disturbance and cross-contamination, thereby protecting delicate ecosystems. This aligns with the responsible practices expected by regulators and environmental organizations across numerous industries.

4) Safety and Efficiency

In addition to environmental responsibility, the use of rig mats in seasonal projects also enhances safety and efficiency. By creating stable work foundations for heavy equipment, GFI Solutions’ rig mats reduce the risk of accidents caused by equipment getting stuck or losing balance on uneven terrain. This, in turn, helps keep projects on schedule and minimizes costly delays, repairs, and maintenance.

5) Minimal Maintenance Concerns

Finally, one of the most significant benefits of renting rig mats from GFI Solutions is that our team handles all the necessary mat maintenance and repairs. By renting instead of owning rig mats, the burden of care is removed from the shoulders of project management. This is especially advantageous for seasonal projects where resources and budgets are limited.

Rig Mat Rentals from GFI Solutions

Seasonal projects pose unique challenges, particularly when accessing and working on sites with challenging terrains while also trying to balance protecting the environment and equipment. Fortunately, rig mat rentals with GFI Solutions offer a flexible and cost-effective solution that meets the specific needs of these projects.

As industries continue to prioritize sustainability and efficient resource allocation, rig mat rentals will play an increasingly vital role in meeting the needs of seasonal projects and ensuring that they are conducted responsibly and effectively. Whether your project involves construction, resource extraction, agriculture, or any other seasonal endeavour, rig mat rentals provide the flexibility and functionality required for success.

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Dependable Rig Mats and Other Access Solutions

Dependable Rig Mats and Other Access Solutions

Machinery in the oil and gas industry can be some of the most heavy equipment used onsite. When looking for solutions to overcome terrain challenges that arrive in Canada, such as uneven surfaces, swamps, snow, or ice, you must take into account the weight of the loads you will be working with. GFI Solutions makes steel-enforced rig mats perfect for any heavy equipment usage. Read on about it below.

Quality Rig Mats

If you work in the oil or gas industry, our rig mats will withstand the weight that you will put on them. GFI Solutions rig mats use 3-rail or 4-rail steel frames to reinforce the heavy loads that they can take. Our rig mat designs ensure your heavy machinery and loads will not break your access mats. By choosing rig mats, you will yield a higher return on your investment while still protecting the ground of your remote work site.

Working on unstable ground is dangerous in itself, but working on unfit access mats can prevent just as many hazards. When your worksite requires heavy loads to perform its work, rig mats are the heavy-duty option. The reinforcing of steel in the rig mats drastically reduces the weight load over a single area and, as a result, drastically reduces the chances of your access mats breaking under your heavy load. Too weak of matting can cause hazards to your equipment and employees if it breaks.

CLT Access Mats

Our Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) access mats are a great alternative to rig mats when your crew does not require quite as heavy-duty access solutions. Our CLT mats are completely biodegradable due to the environmentally safe adhesive we use to bond our wood together. At GFI, we do our best to make sure our high-quality access mats are safe for the habitat around the worksite.

Our solutions

GFI offers rig mats both 20ft to 40ft wide, and we train our staff to correctly handle your mats to avoid premature damage. Our employees are equipped to deal with the transportation and installation of rig mats for you to reduce the headaches you will need to deal with.

With 24/7 customer support and prompt mat delivery services, GFI provides more than just dependable rig mats. We want to help you lengthen the lifespan of your access mats to increase the sustainability of our products. This is one of the reasons why we offer mat washing and proper storage services through our Mat Management Program. Once it gets to the end of its usability, many of our access mats are completely biodegradable, making GFI Solutions one of the most sustainable options for access matting.

Solve your Access Solutions with GFI Solutions

Make sure your oil and gas project will not be interrupted or stalled because of the terrain solutions you choose. Talk to GFI Solutions about which matting is appropriate for your job before investing so that we can ensure you get the mats that reduce the risk of accidents or equipment damage. GFI Solutions is Canada’s trusted access mat supplier. Find out why for yourself when you give us a call or send us a message.

Edmonton Rig Mat Experts

Edmonton Rig Mat Experts

Oil and gas is one of Alberta’s largest industries and is continuously growing, especially in Edmonton. If you’re in Edmonton and starting a project for the oil and gas industry, you will be on the lookout for durable and cost-effective rig mats. You’ll also keep an eye out for rig mats that can withstand Edmonton’s unpredictable weather with waves of extreme cold and heat.

Our experts at GFI Solutions have created rig access mats that are safe, durable and endure Edmonton’s unforeseeable weather conditions. We are proud to be Edmonton’s source for site-safe access rig mats that guarantee the safety of your equipment and your crew in any worksite. Keep reading to learn more about partnering with GFI Solutions for your next oil and gas project.

Cost-Effective Solution

GFI’s Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) access mats are a cost-effective solution for all contractors. The cost-saving starts from the moment the CLT access mats are manufactured to when they are delivered to your worksite. For starters, CLT access mats are made from Southern Yellow Pine, making our mats significantly lighter and easier to transport. This will allow you to save up to 50% on transport since more CLT access mats can fit during transportation than standard mats. You can also save up to 40% on labour and equipment as our CLT access mats are lighter in weight than traditional bolted access mats. GFI Solutions enables you to ship more mats per load, saving you both time and money on delivery.

Stronger Solution

It is a common misconception that CLT access mats are less robust than bolted access mats; however, that is not the case. CLT access mats use adhesive to bond the wood together instead of bolts, which allows for higher durability as the weight is spread across the entire board evenly. The adhesion also rids you from worrying about replacing your bolted mats from damage caused by wood splinters, gaps and uneven weight distribution.

Some might think that using fibre instead of blocks of wood decreases the durability of access mats; however, Southern Yellow Pine Wood fibre is 30% stronger than Douglas fir used in standard bolted mats. Our CLT access mats are created to guarantee long-lasting durability in all job sites under any conditions. You can either buy or rent CLT 300 and CLT 500 mats that come in various standardizations:

3- or 5-ply Construction

  • 300 CLT – 8’ wide x 4’ thru 16’ long
  • 500 CLT – 4’ wide x 4’ thru 18’ long
  • 500 CLT – 8’ wide x 4’ thru 18’ long

Ready to Learn More?

GFI Solutions is looking forward to partnering with you on your upcoming project. Contact us to learn more about our site-safe rig mats in Edmonton.

What You Need To Know Before Buying Oilfield Mats

What You Need To Know Before Buying Oilfield Mats

GFI Solutions offers various matting products for ground protection and construction mats for customers in the oil & gas industry. We provide you with excellent quality access matting solutions for a safer and more stable worksite in all conditions.

Worksites in the oil & gas industry require heavy-duty resources that not only allow for safe transportation of machinery but can also withstand bulky machinery and heavy loads. Below is a list of matting solutions you will find imperative for your next project.

Battle The Weather

Canadian worksites are exposed to the climate and landscape harsh weather conditions that more often than not, cause a project to halt. Canada experienced an extreme winter in 2021, where the temperature would drop to -30 one day and then rise suddenly to -5 the next. This weather fluctuation caused unstable ground conditions with rugged terrain and uneven surfaces for any worksite. The use of access mats is essential during such circumstances as they alleviate the difficulty of walking through snow, mud and ice. There are several different access mats available to accommodate every aspect of your project.

TerraLam Access Mats

To create a makeshift road for easy transportation of equipment, machinery and crew, you will need to consider Cross Laminated Timber access mats. CLT mats use adhesive to bond the wood together, unlike standard bolted access mats. The adhesion allows for even weight distribution throughout the board, rather than focusing on specific areas, which causes early damage and irreparable breakage. 

CLT Rig and Crane Mats

Our inventory includes several options for safe and cost-effective rig and crane mats. Made from Southern Yellow Pine Wood Fibre, our rig/crane mats are 30% stronger than standard bolted mats made from Douglas Fir. This makes our mats ideal for a safe and robust foundation for heavy-duty machinery such as rigs and cranes. The adhesion used in our CLT rig/crane access mats allows our mats to be 40% lighter than the competition, enabling us to transport 72 mats per load, saving you up to 60% in transportation costs.

Terracross™ Bridges

To avoid the possibility of your machinery getting stuck in muddy, uneven terrain or accidentally falling into a nearby ditch, we advise you to build temporary access bridges. Your worksite needs to be hazardous free, and installing a temporary access bridge guarantees just that. The lightweight, portable design is engineered with a steel beam structure that can withstand weights up to 100 tons. We can quickly deliver and install the bridges on-site, helping you stay on track with your project.

Access Matting Solutions All In One Place

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Rig Mats for Sale or Rent in Alberta

Rig Mats for Sale or Rent in Alberta

Matting solutions in Canada, especially in Alberta, must be able to not only withstand heavy machinery such as rigs and cranes but also endure the fluctuating weather conditions that Albertans endure during all seasons. GFI Solutions have engineered unique Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) mats that are reliable, safe and able to provide you with optimal performance throughout the year. Read on to learn more about CLT rig mats in Alberta.

Excellent Quality

Made from Southern Yellow Pine wood fibre, CLT rig mats are 30% stronger than traditional bolted rig mats, which use Douglas fir instead. This robust material is light in weight yet able to withstand the heaviest loads with no problems at all. Unlike the traditional mats, where the load is only transferred at the location of the mechanical fasteners, our CLT rig mats use adhesive to bind the wooden planks together to allow for more flexibility throughout the board. The adhered mats transfer the weight evenly throughout every square foot, lowering the risk of damage or breakage. All of our TerraLam® CLT mats are engineered to follow all safety measures and regulations and are reviewed annually to ensure optimal performance.

Budget-Friendly Solution

Since the Southern Yellow Pine is significantly lighter in weight, you can save up to 60% on transport costs. CLT mats are two-thirds the weight of traditional bolted mats, which makes us able to fit 72 mats per load. More mats per load allow for fast and cost-effective delivery. GFI Solutions ensures reliable and safe mats. Whether you are looking for rig mats for sale or rent, GFI solutions guarantee top-notch quality at an affordable price.

All-Around Solutions

GFI Solutions offers matting expertise and all-around customer service that will ensure the smooth flow of your project. Our services include:

  • Turn-Key Services
  • Inventory Management
  • Manufacturing
  • Delivery and Installation
  • Mat Washing
  • Planning & Consultation

Our experts are available 24/7 for service and support all around Canada; we’re only one phone call away.

Ready To Learn More?

At GFI Solutions we understand how important reliable rig mats are to your job site. That’s why we’re proud to offer several products from Sterling Solutions. With clients throughout Canada, we’re here to support your project with access mats you can rely on. Contact us to learn more about our CLT rig mats and how they can make your work site safer and more productive today!