Edmonton Rig Mat Experts

Oil and gas is one of Alberta’s largest industries and is continuously growing, especially in Edmonton. If you’re in Edmonton and starting a project for the oil and gas industry, you will be on the lookout for durable and cost-effective rig mats. You’ll also keep an eye out for rig mats that can withstand Edmonton’s unpredictable weather with waves of extreme cold and heat.

Our experts at GFI Solutions have created rig access mats that are safe, durable and endure Edmonton’s unforeseeable weather conditions. We are proud to be Edmonton’s source for site-safe access rig mats that guarantee the safety of your equipment and your crew in any worksite. Keep reading to learn more about partnering with GFI Solutions for your next oil and gas project.

Cost-Effective Solution

GFI’s Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) access mats are a cost-effective solution for all contractors. The cost-saving starts from the moment the CLT access mats are manufactured to when they are delivered to your worksite. For starters, CLT access mats are made from Southern Yellow Pine, making our mats significantly lighter and easier to transport. This will allow you to save up to 50% on transport since more CLT access mats can fit during transportation than standard mats. You can also save up to 40% on labour and equipment as our CLT access mats are lighter in weight than traditional bolted access mats. GFI Solutions enables you to ship more mats per load, saving you both time and money on delivery.

Stronger Solution

It is a common misconception that CLT access mats are less robust than bolted access mats; however, that is not the case. CLT access mats use adhesive to bond the wood together instead of bolts, which allows for higher durability as the weight is spread across the entire board evenly. The adhesion also rids you from worrying about replacing your bolted mats from damage caused by wood splinters, gaps and uneven weight distribution.

Some might think that using fibre instead of blocks of wood decreases the durability of access mats; however, Southern Yellow Pine Wood fibre is 30% stronger than Douglas fir used in standard bolted mats. Our CLT access mats are created to guarantee long-lasting durability in all job sites under any conditions. You can either buy or rent CLT 300 and CLT 500 mats that come in various standardizations:

3- or 5-ply Construction

  • 300 CLT – 8’ wide x 4’ thru 16’ long
  • 500 CLT – 4’ wide x 4’ thru 18’ long
  • 500 CLT – 8’ wide x 4’ thru 18’ long

Ready to Learn More?

GFI Solutions is looking forward to partnering with you on your upcoming project. Contact us to learn more about our site-safe rig mats in Edmonton.