CLT Matting Solutions and Services

CLT Matting Solutions and Services

Are you looking for heavy-duty mats to ensure safety and productivity on your job site? Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) mats are a highly effective access matting solution that provides superior strength and durability and helps mitigate safety hazards associated with uneven terrain and heavy equipment. CLT mats are also often used as an alternative to rig mats. Learn more about CLT mats below, as well as other matting solutions offered by GFI !

What are CLT mats?

CLT mats are manufactured by bonding alternating perpendicular layers of wood using an environmentally safe structural adhesive, which results in superior strength and durability compared to traditional bolted mats. The adhesion used with CLT mats offers even weight distribution across the entire mat, unlike bolted mats that can only transfer load across the bolts. Additionally, the adhesion creates a smooth and solid matting top that reduces tripping hazards and vehicle damage.

Benefits of CLT Mats

GFI offers CLT mats that are made of Long Leaf Southern Yellow Pine Wood, which is 33% stronger than the most commonly used wood in bolted mats. These mats are two-thirds lighter in weight, saving you up to 60% on transportation costs and increasing your savings up to 40% on installation and removal costs. CLT mats are commonly used in heavy industries as they have high impact resistance and can withstand fluctuating climates. They offer a longer lifespan, lasting 3-5 times longer than bolted mats.

GFI Matting Solutions and Services

At GFI Solutions, we are proud to be Canada’s leading distributor of CLT matting products, including:

  • Site Safe 500 CLT Mats – 4′ or 8′ wide x 14′, 16′ or 18′ long
    • Used to support heavy equipment, heavy-duty ground cover and temporary foundations.
  • Site Safe 700 CLT Mats – 8’ wide x 14’ or 16’ long
    • Used as an alternative to crane mats or steel-framed rig mats as they are designed to handle exceptionally heavy equipment such as rigs.
  • Site Safe 900 CLT Mats – 4’ wide x 20’ long and 12” thick
    • Used in industrial projects to offer ground protection for heavy equipment such as cranes and transferring heavy loads on a worksite.
  • Traditional Rig Mats
    • Sizes: 8’ Wide x 20ft or 40ft Wide
    • Manufactured using 3 or 4 rail steel beams and wooden inserts

Our wide range of matting solutions is available for rent and purchase to ensure that you find the right product for your budget. In addition, we also provide various matting services, including:

  • Inventory Management
  • Delivery and Installation
  • Manufacturing
  • Mat Washing
  • Planning and Consultation

Whether you’re looking for robust and cost-effective matting products or reliable and quick matting services, GFI Solutions is here to help!

CLT Mats and More at GFI Solutions

Contact GFI Solutions today to learn more about our heavy-duty matting solutions, including rig mats, crane mats, access mats and more!

How To Save Money on Rig Mats

How To Save Money on Rig Mats

Preparing for your site access needs can be quite expensive, which can result in purchasing low-quality access solutions for a lower price. Read on to learn how you can save money on access mats while maintaining the safety of your crew, equipment and the environment.

1. Mat Rentals

One of the most convenient ways to get the biggest value for your dollar is to rent rig mats. Generally, contractors and project managers prefer purchasing rig mats to avoid contamination and to ensure that they have enough mats available for their project, but in return, they will be spending almost double the amount of money to purchase rig mats instead of renting.

At GFI Solutions, we understand the challenges that one might face when renting rig mats, especially when cross-contamination could be a factor. Our rig mat rental service ensures that all our mats are thoroughly cleaned and washed, and ready to be used for any project. Our meticulous mat washing service removes all organic material, grit, chemicals, etc., to eliminate the possibility of cross-contamination and uphold the necessary environmental and safety standards. Our rig mat rental service also ensures that you have inventory at all times, helping you keep your project in scope and preventing any possible delay. When renting rig mats, you spend a fraction of the price while getting the same quality, if not better!

2. CLT Mats

Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) mats are the future of rig mats. They are an innovative and cost-effective access matting solution that offers you the site access and ground protection you need while increasing your savings! CLT mats are manufactured using an environmentally friendly adhesive and Southern Yellow Pine fibre instead of bolts and Douglas Fir. The unique engineering behind CLT mats makes them lighter, safer, longer-lasting and faster to install than traditional bolted mats.

With GFI Solutions’ rig mat rental service, you can save up to 50% on freight and up to 40% on labour and equipment with fast installation. The advanced composition of CLT mats results in a lighter and tougher product that can be quickly transported to your worksite. The lightweight mats also allow for transporting more mats per load, as we can fit 72 mats per load, saving you up to 60% in costs.

3. Planning and Consultation

Many factors can quickly delay your project or bring it to a halt if not properly managed. Factors such as load requirements, budget and environmental terrain challenges may result in losing money and time. With GFI Solutions’ planning and consultation service, we will help you protect your workers and your equipment and ensure that your project is in scope.

Our team of experts will work closely with you to plan your upcoming industrial project and provide you with the appropriate consultation. We will discuss with you all aspects of your project, including the terrain, load requirements and budget, to be able to provide you with the optimum number of access mats you will need.

Get Your Mats at GFI Solutions!

Contact GFI Solutions today to save time and money on your next project. Our professional customer service is available 24/7 to provide you with access to any of our products and services. Contact us today to request a quote for your upcoming project.

Remediation Done Right with CLT Access Mats

Remediation Done Right with CLT Access Mats

Does your worksite have the tools it needs to stay safe, efficient, and protect the environment? When it comes to overcoming the Canadian landscape and keeping production on track, access mats are your number one resource for success. Designed to provide a safe, dependable foundation for transport as well as the operation of heavy machinery, CLT access mats are your top choice when it comes to building a safe path forward. Below, we’ll highlight some of the benefits of working with access mats, especially where environmental remediation is concerned. Read on to learn more.

No More Costly Delays

The Canadian landscape is unforgiving on fleets, making it difficult to reach your job site without damaging your fleet and/or equipment. Uneven terrain and constantly changing conditions make site access solutions invaluable when it comes to protecting your assets and guarding production. Rain, snow, sleet, ice, mud and everything in between lead to costly delays and damage; access matting provides a stable path that prevents risky mishaps, allows trucks and machinery to proceed safely to and from your site without the major disruption of building a permanent road.

Preserve The Ground Beneath and Surrounding Your Site

When using access mats as temporary roadways, you provide a crucial layer of protection for the surrounding terrain as well as local ecosystems by minimizing the damage and disruption caused to the area. Access mats shield the ground from physical damage caused by heavy treads and equipment, as well as from exposure to harmful chemicals or compounds that may be used in your operations. This ensures that your site is always in line with remediation and environmental standards, and the further use of additional tools like access bridges to cross rivers, creeks, ditches, and more, allow you to operate efficiently without needing to permanently alter the landscape. Two main environmental benefits to using access mats include:

Prevent Cross-Contamination

Cross-contamination is one of the major environmental concerns for site operators and can lead to costly fines if you choose to operate without the proper precautions. Site-safe CLT access mats help to reduce this risk by acting as a solid barrier, and washing your mats between jobs goes an extra step farther in protecting different ecosystems from harm.

Reduced Recovery Time

Remediation efforts are a key necessity to project approvals these days and using site access solutions makes it much easier to achieve and uphold your standards throughout the duration, as well as upon completion of your project. Since access mats serve as a temporary measure, they can easily be removed and transported to the next site after being washed down all with reduced damage to the environment itself.

Site Safe CLT Access Mats at GFI

As Western Canada’s leading source for access mat solutions, GFI proudly carries a vast inventory of site-safe CLT matting available in a wide range of sizes and weights, with custom builds available upon request. Designed to improve on the foundation laid by traditional matting, Cross Laminated Timber mats are lighter, stronger, and built to last much longer (3-5x the life cycle of average bolted mats).

With 24/7 sales and rental support, along with a wide variety of other services, GFI Solutions is here to help your team find the best access matting products available. Contact us today to learn more about our environmentally sustainable products from Sterling Solutions.

What are the Benefits of CLT Rig Mats

What are the Benefits of CLT Rig Mats

If you’re in the oil and gas, petrochemical, utility or construction industry, you no doubt know the importance of finding site access solutions that allow your fleet and crew to stay on top of operations safely and overcome the challenges posed by various terrains. High-quality access and rig mats stand up to the pressure of heavy loads, helping you keep your job site safe, efficient, and on track. As Canada’s leading supplier of TerraLam® CLT access matting solutions, GFI is proud to offer our heavy industry clients access to the best products available, including exclusive distribution of Sterling Solutions’ extensive range of TerraLam® products. Crafted from high-quality Southern Yellow Pine fibres, TerraLam® mats offer exceptional durability and strength, as well as unbeatable return on investment. Learn more about the benefits of CLT rig mats below.

Meet the New Kid on the Block

Despite being one of the newest site access solution innovation, TerraLam® Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) mats have quickly made a name for themselves as an indispensable resource that improves upon the foundation set by bolted mats. Weighing up to 40% less than traditional bolted mats, TerraLam® CLT mats allow you to ship up to 60% more units per load and offer a life cycle that is triple the length of bolted competitors. GFI solutions now offers a true CLT rig mat without a steel frame. These are now replacing traditional steel frame rig mats and traditional crane mats. These 5 ply heavy-duty models are able to stand up to the demands of crane and rig applications, there’s no doubt that CLT rig mats should be your top choice.

Unpacking the CLT Difference

CLT rig mats are manufactured using a very different process than bolted mats. Rather than bolting planks, cross-laminated timber mats are created by bonding alternating perpendicular layers of wood with an environmentally safe adhesive. This method of bonding together leads to mats that are both stronger and more flexible, ensuring superior performance no matter the application.

TerraLam® CLT Access Mats are among the most durable on the market and are made with Southern Yellow Pine Wood Fibre, which is 30% harder than Douglas Fir. This makes TerraLam® mats ideal for heavy-duty applications, including acting as a foundation for cranes, and more.

Unparalleled Performance

In addition to their unique structure, TerraLam® CLT mats offer a wide variety of benefits such as:

  • High impact resistance
  • Suitable for use in extreme conditions; including the heat and cold. (Perfect for Canadian winters)
  • Solid matting top reduces tripping hazards, as well as tire damage to vehicles (great for heavy machinery)
  • Able to handle heavy-duty applications
  • Cheaper to ship due to the lightweight nature of the mats (60% more CLT mats can be shipped per load compared to bolted products), and more.

TerraLam® CLT Rig Mats and More at GFI Solutions

GFI is proud to carry TerraLam® products within our inventory, including their 300 and 500 model access mats, access bridges, and more. Designed with the utmost of quality in mind, TerraLam® solutions embody the many benefits of TerraLam® CLT mats, right down to the superior performance and longevity. Our team of experts offer 24/7 support for all your site access needs. Contact us today to learn more!

Why Choose CLT Mats

Why Choose CLT Mats

With winter well underway and spring just around the corner, the importance of finding reliable transportation methods is crucial. The Canadian landscape is notoriously harsh on vehicles and machinery, and without the proper access materials, both your crew and the materials you intend to transport face significant safety risks and the chance of delays. As the preferred choice of industry leaders, TerraLam® Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) mats make it easy for your fleet to access remote job sites and offer plenty of benefits over their bolted counterparts. GFI Solutions is proud to Western Canada’s leading supplier of site access solutions and is your exclusive source for Sterling Solutions’ range of TerraLam® products. Learn more about the benefits of TerraLam® CLT mats over bolted mats, as well as the perks of partnering with GFI Solutions below.

It’s Time to Leave the Past Behind

While bolted mats were once the go-to standard for site access assistance, today’s job sites have begun to demand more reliable solutions that offer superior ROI and lower shipping costs. Newer technology has paved the way for further developments like Cross Laminated Timber (CLT). Designed to improve on the successes of bolted mats, TerraLam® CLT mats are stronger, more flexible and provide a much longer lifecycle (3-5x). Sterling Solutions produces their TerraLam® CLT mats using the highest quality southern yellow pine which helps to avoid the problems faced with traditional bolted mats. In addition, TerraLam® CLT mats are up to 40% lighter than traditional counterparts, and as a result, allow for the hauling of up to 60% more mats per load. This allows you to get your project finished on time and on budget!

How They’re Made

TerraLam® CLT mats are the result of a process originally discovered in the ’90s, and that has been constantly refined since. The main difference between TerraLam® CLT mats and traditional bolted mats comes down to their composition and manufacturing process. Unlike bolted mats, which as the names suggests, are created using mixed wood fibres and steel bolts, TerraLam® CLT mats are created by bonding perpendicular layers of wood together with a special adhesive that allows weight to be distributed throughout the entire mat, preventing sudden breakages. Along with a longer lifecycle, you can expect the following benefits when choosing your cross-laminated timber mats:

  • Life cycle that is 3-5 the length of traditional mats
  • Easy installation
  • Can haul up to 60% more mats per transport load
  • High impact resistance, and more

TerraLam® CLT Access Mat Solutions At GFI

As one of Canada’s leading sources for access mat solutions, GFI is proud to partner with Sterling Solutions‘ as the nation’s exclusive distributor of TerraLam® products, including the 300 and 500 series access mats, access bridges, and more. Learn more by contacting our team today.