Why Your Project Should Use Lightweight Crane Mats

Why Your Project Should Use Lightweight Crane Mats

If your project requires heavy machinery, you should also make sure that you utilize a crane mat. Crane mats are engineered to keep your work site as safe and accessible as possible. Without crane matting, accessing your site and efficiently working on your project can be compromised, not to mention the potential for environmental damages can increase. At GFI Solutions, we offer both CLT and traditional bolted crane mat options. That way, you can finish your project on time and without other access-related issues; below, we’ll discuss CLT mats and the benefits of using crane mats on your project. Continue reading to learn more!

CLT Mats: Engineered for Success

TerraLam’s Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) crane mats are engineered to outperform traditional bolted mats. They offer customers increased durability and performance as they can flex under pressure without damage. CLT mats have a lifespan 3-5 times longer than bolted mats as they evenly distribute the weight of your equipment across the entire mat. In addition, the uniquely formulated adhesive in CLT mats also acts as a protective barrier against decay and rot while remaining environmentally friendly. At GFI Solutions, we’re proud to offer our customers CLT and traditional bolted matting options. The following will discuss the benefits of using both types of crane mats on your project.

Sturdy and Safe Surface

When working in our challenging Canadian environments, your equipment and workers will likely be forced to deal with uneven, soft, muddy terrain. If you try to use a crane without the adequate support it requires, your equipment is at risk of falling over, getting stuck, or being damaged. Nevertheless, crane mats from GFI Solutions can ensure your equipment is safe and secure.

Work More Efficiently

Attempting to use a crane on ground that’s soft or uneven can be a recipe for disaster. To navigate challenging environments, you’ll have to maneuver your equipment carefully. Even with the most careful driver behind the wheel, there are still many risks. Not to mention, working so cautiously can slow your project’s progress. Crane mats can assist your team in working more efficiently over challenging terrain by providing a durable foundation to work off of.

Prevent Your Equipment from Getting Stuck

In addition to providing a stable base, a crane mat prevents your equipment and workers from getting stuck in the mud. Depending on the terrain, your crane can quickly sink into the ground, especially after significant rainfalls or in swampy environments. Getting large and heavy equipment stuck in the mud can bring your project to a complete halt and potentially cause damage to expensive and vital components. A crane mat can provide a stable surface for heavy cranes and workers, and they’re easy to remove from a worksite once your project is completed.

Lightweight Crane Mats from GFI

At GFI Solutions, our team understands the challenges your project may face. Lightweight crane mats are an accessible, reliable, and cost-effective solution GFI proudly offers. In addition to access solutions, we also provide 24/7 service for rentals and sales, turnkey services, inventory management, and more! Are you interested in learning more about our crane mats? Contact GFI Solutions today!

CLT Mats or Timber Crane Mats, Which is Worth the Weight?

CLT Mats or Timber Crane Mats, Which is Worth the Weight?

Is your project or worksite in need of high-quality, safe site access solutions? While traditional bolted mats may be your first choice, Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) mats are sure to be your new favourite option. At GFI Solutions, we are proud to be the leading distributor of Sterling Solutions’ CLT mats. These mats offer a range of advantages compared to traditional bolted mats. From affordability to durability and more CLT mats are the new industry leaders for safe site access solutions. Keep reading to learn how CLT mats outperform traditional bolted mats.

What Are CLT Mats?

Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) mats are a new contender in the safe site access market. These innovative crane mats do the same job as traditional bolted mats; however, the similarities end there. CLT mats are made using wood from plantation-grown Southern Yellow Pine and an adhesive that bonds the wood planks together; there’s no need for bolts. Through this unique manufacturing process, CLT mats have a longer life cycle with a range of other advantages, but more on that later. GFI Solution’s TerraLam CLT mats are available in two standard sizes, the 300-series and the 500-series.

Advantages of CLT Mats

Compared to traditional timber bolted mats, CLT mats offer a variety of advantages for your worksite. For starters, CLT access mats are 40% lighter than bolted mats, that weight reduction allows for the transportation of up to 25% more mats per load. That means you save money on delivery costs, but when it’s time for your project to kickoff, you won’t be left waiting for all of your access mats to arrive.

TerraLam mats are also able to withstand a range of temperatures, from as low as -55℃ (-70℉) to as high as 65℃ (150℉). This makes these ground protection mats perfect for our fluctuating Canadian climate. While wood tends to get slippery in wet, muddy, and icy weather, the sturdy top of TerraLam mats is rough, which helps to eliminate the risk of tripping hazards and ensure they can continue performing even in inclement weather.

Are you looking for crane mats that can be interconnected? Our TerraLam mats can be fitted with special “fingers” that work similarly to traditional bolted access mats. At GFI Solutions, we want to find the site access solutions that best fit your needs. So if you’re looking for a safer, more affordable, and longer-lasting site access mat, our TerraLam mats are sure to satisfy.

Site Access Solutions at GFI

GFI Solutions offers a range of matting services beyond sales and rentals; some of our other services include delivery and installation, inventory management, mat washing and more. In addition to a robust stock of highly in-demand mats, we offer 24/7 customer support; that way, our team at GFI can connect you to the site access solutions you need. For all of your temporary pathways, crane mats, and general access mat needs, GFI is here to help. Contact our team to learn more!

GFI Solutions is Alberta’s Premier Crane Mat Specialists

GFI Solutions is Alberta’s Premier Crane Mat Specialists

Cranes and rig work is one of the most challenging applications for rig mats. The immense weight of this machinery can cause traditional rig mats to crack under pressure. Luckily there’s a solution for this problem! At GFI Solutions, we have the access mats you need to ensure that your project operates smoothly and safely. As Alberta’s premier supplier of CLT crane mats, GFI Solutions is proud to offer high-quality access mats. We know our team of experts can assist you in determining which Terrlam mats would be best suited for your application. Read more to learn more about our line of crane mats.

How CLT Mats Work

Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) mats are made by bonding alternating perpendicular layers of wood with an environmentally safe adhesive. Mat strength lies in its ability to transfer weight to the surface below through the mat. Adhered CLT mats distribute the load weight more evenly than bolted mats, even when confronted with heavy loads. This, in turn, allows CLT mats to be more durable than the competition.

Since GFI’s CLT mats are engineered with quality in mind, they’re guaranteed to last and withstand the wear and tear of your project’s job site. At GFI, we have confidence in our TerraLam mats; that’s why we won’t charge you for any damage or replacement costs. But if damage does occur, repairs are no sweat! Our TerraLam mats are easy and inexpensive to repair. Compared to traditional access mats, which often require removing rusted or bent bolts, our mats are solid wood and don’t contain any bolts that could need replacing.

Benefits of CLT Mats

Switching from bolted mats to GFI’s CLT crane mats comes with many perks. CLT mats are lighter and safer than traditional bolted mats. Our TerraLam mats have a textured solid top surface which helps to eliminate tripping hazards. Since they’re made using adhesive rather than bolts, our mats also are free from puncture injuries or vehicle damage as there are no bolts to protrude from damaged mats. Our CLT mats are also environmentally conscious as all the wood used in manufacturing them is made from plantation-grown southern yellow pine. GFI’s CLT mats are lighter, long-lasting, safer, and sustainable.

At GFI, our commitment to you extends further than simply offering a great product. We also are happy to provide 24/7 rental and sales support, inventory management, expedited delivery, mat washing and more!

Access Mats at GFI

At GFI, we pride ourselves on making long-term relationships with you, our customer. That’s why a GFI expert will work with you to find the best solution for your project—interested in making the switch from traditional mats to GFI Solution’s CLT crane mats? Contact us today, and one of our knowledgeable team members will be happy to assist you.

Crane Mat Rental In Canada

Crane Mat Rental In Canada

Now is the time to change your current access matting options and upgrade to a more robust, safer and cost-effective option. Customers in heavy industries such as oil and gas, mining, and even forestry count on GFI Solutions to provide safe site crane mats for sale and rent.

We are proud to be the leading Canadian supplier of Sterling’s site safe access mat solutions, offering you innovative and safe matting solutions for your upcoming project. Our Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) access mats are among the highest quality crane and rig mats available on the market. Read on to learn more about the many benefits of our crane access mats.

Engineered to Succeed

CLT crane mats are engineered to be more durable, lighter and faster to install than traditional bolted access mats. Instead of bolts, the wooden planks, made from Southern Yellow Pine, are glued together using an environmentally safe adhesive which saves you up to 40% on labour and up to 50% on freight costs.

Eliminating the use of bolts decreases the weight of our CLT mats, making them approximately two-thirds the weight of traditional bolted mats. This will allow you to fit up to 72 mats per load, significantly cutting your transportation cost. The lightweight CLT crate mats will also enable you to fit more mats on shuttle trucks and loaders, increasing your savings on installation and removal.

Stability and Support

When using crane mats, you are looking for mats that provide stability during heavy lifts and support the weight of your machinery. Our CLT crane mats are able to withstand heavy loads as the adhesion allows the mats to flex under pressure and distribute weight evenly throughout the mat rather than putting stress on certain bolted areas. The flexibility of the mat ensures the durability and high performance of our CLT mats even under heavy loads.

We offer the standard 500 series, 5-ply CLT mat, available in several sizes, ready to handle the heavy machinery in your project. For more robust mats best suited for heavier loads, we also offer the 700 series, a seven-ply CLT. Some projects require mats with different specifications and sizes; you can contact our team for customized CLT mats.

GFI Solutions work with our customers to ensure a smooth schedule for all projects. We offer matting solutions, including sales and rentals, mat washing, installation and inventory management. Contact GFI today to learn more.

GFI Solutions for Lightweight Crane Access Mats

GFI Solutions for Lightweight Crane Access Mats

Installing access mats that can withstand heavy weights as well as extreme weather conditions is every contractor’s dream. Finding the right balance between quality and affordability is another challenge contractors face, especially if the only option is to ship heavy bolted mats that blow up your budget.

Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) access mat is the solution for every contractor’s problem. Not only are the access mats significantly more robust than standard bolted mats, but CLT mats are also shipped up to 50% more in a single load due to their lightweight structure. Read on to learn all you need to know about CLT access mats and the multiple benefits you can expect.

What is CLT?

The process of bonding wooden layers together using a unique adhesive to create an access mat is Cross Laminated Timber. Standard access mats bolt wooden planks together instead of adhesive, resulting in splints, damage and quick wear and tear. The adhesion used in CLT access mats allows for an even distribution of weight throughout the entire mat, resulting in less chance of damage and longer longevity. USDA Forest Products Laboratory, San Diego State University and Henkel Adhesives have all tested the strength of our CLT access mats and validated their durability. The durability of the CLT access mats allows GFI solutions to sell and rent out as many mats as you need, as you can easily reuse them for several projects.

Why Should You Switch To CLT Access Mats?

CLT access mats are an asset to any worksite, especially under the heaviest of loads such as cranes and rigs. Switching to CLT access mats enhances your worksite as they offer the following benefits:

  • Withstand extreme conditions, including heat and cold
  • Repel moisture and rot as all four edges are laminated using glue and wax
  • Gap-less, solid matting top reduces tripping accidents
  • Longer lifespan than bolted mats
  • Safe for the environment
  • Lightweight mats reduce shipping costs since more CLT mats can be shipped than bolted products and more!

Where can I Buy/Rent CLT Access Mats?

GFI Solutions is proud to be a distributor for Sterling Solutions, offering a wide range of TerraLam® products, including TerraLam® 300 CLT and TerraLam® 500 CLT access mats, access bridges and more. We guarantee the strength and durability of our mats; you will never be required to pay for damaged or replaced mats. GFI is ready to provide you with CLT crane access mats engineered to suit your project’s specifications whether you are looking to rent or purchase them.

When Will I Need to Switch to CLT Access Mats?

The sooner you switch to CLT access mats, the quicker you can guarantee a safe job site. GFI Solutions looks for long-term partnerships with our customers, helping you maintain all the safety measures necessary for your access mating needs. Once you request a quote, an expert from GFI Solutions will review your project and suggest the best access matting solution for your business. We also provide you with support 24/7 through our qualified team members.