Access Mats in Calgary: Quality and Cost-Effective

Access Mats in Calgary: Quality and Cost-Effective

Weather in Canada is often unpredictable from one week to the next, and you probably know that this means your project site has to be adaptable to the weather at any given moment. Are your machines able to operate in all Canadian weather conditions? Access mats nullify any worry you might experience regarding the weather’s effects on the terrain surrounding your project site. GFI Solutions carries the best quality Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) access mats in Calgary. With all grades of mats available, as well as used and new, we are Canada’s leading provider of access products.

Durable, Quality Access Mats For Any Weather

Rain, snow, hail, or shine, our access mats in Calgary are built for the changing Alberta weather. Cheaper bolted mats have spaces that can allow rain, snow or ice to splinter the boards or cause the bolts to move and consequently make the mat’s surface uneven or broken. However, CLT access mats are built to withstand water damage through a wax coating and cross-lamination process. The cross-lamination process prevents water, snow and ice from affecting the quality of the mat, which can be up to five times stronger than traditional bolted access mats.

Your access mats in Calgary should withstand the range of weather that Calgary experiences and CLT access mats are exactly the solution you need when it comes to weather-resistant access solutions.

Benefits of CLT Access Mats

Unlike traditional bolted access mats, which are held together by bolts, CLT access mats use adhesive and can hold over 30% more weight. With CLT access mats in Calgary, you’ll experience a durable product that can distribute the weight of the load across the mat more evenly. Bolted mats cannot spread weight evenly throughout, giving more opportunities for breakage. This also means that installation mishandling can lead to more damage in a bolted mat than in a CLT access mat.

CLT access mats in Calgary have the added benefit of sustainably-harvested Longleaf Southern Yellow Pine Wood that has been grown to harvestable maturity. The adhesive used to keep the CLT access mats together is also environmentally safe. There are many benefits to choosing CLT access mats in Calgary!

GFI Solutions’ Mat Management Program

To increase the longevity of your access mats in Calgary, be sure to ask about our Mat Management Program! We offer access mat services such as thorough washing and bleaching to keep your access mats in working order, which increases ROI. The bleaching and washing process will remove any residue to avoid cross-contamination between job sites.

Find a Reliable Access Mat Supplier

GFI Solutions will provide you with the access products that you need for your project. With cost-effective Calgary access mats, you will eliminate unnecessary shipping and installation costs. We understand how stressful overcoming rough terrain can be without derailing your project; let us help solve that problem!

Contact our 24-hour service and support team to learn more about our Calgary access mats and to get answers to any questions you may have regarding the cost-effectiveness and durability of CLT access mats.

GFI Solutions Is Calgary’s Premier Source for Access Mats

GFI Solutions Is Calgary’s Premier Source for Access Mats

Get ready for site-safe access matting that you can rely on! GFI Solutions is bringing Calgary the best in site-safe access with our CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) access mats. GFI is proud to be Sterling Solutions’ exclusive Canadian retailer for these innovative and exciting CLT mats. Made stronger and lighter than the rest, these site-safe access mats make worksites safer and more efficient every time, not to mention they save you money long-term. Keep reading to learn why CLT mats are the new standard in site-safe access.

Better Durability

Get ready for the perfect upgrade! Our CLT mats set the standard for greatness with their improved durability. These mats are stronger than traditional bolted mats because they are made with southern yellow pine fibre. Southern yellow pine fibre is a stronger material that can hold higher loads easily and last longer than other materials. Standard access mats are usually made with a mix of hard and softwoods, making them less reliable. Since CLT mats are engineered for higher performance and durability, they last 3-5 times longer, making them a better investment than their competitors.

CLT access mats are also bound with an environmentally friendly adhesive that keeps the planks held together securely. This innovative adhesive allows the weight to be better distributed across the platform. As a result, CLT mats can withstand the heavier weight of cranes, rigs and other equipment without breaking or splintering. CLT mats are designed to last longer, no matter the load.

Better Cost-Saving

Saving money on access matting that can surpass standards every time is easy with CLT access mats. From transport to take down, CLT access mats save you money throughout your entire project. With CLT, you save money on:

  • Transportation
  • Damage
  • Replacement
  • Maintenance
  • Equipment
  • Labour

As a more durable and lighter access mat, you get to enjoy the benefits of a product that will outlast the traditional access matting while also saving you money in various other ways. Since these access mats are 40% lighter than their competitor, more mats fit per load, allowing for up to 25% more mats to fit per load.

Their lighter weight also allows for less time to install and remove these mats. As a result, you can enjoy reduced equipment and labour fees since moving CLT mats is easy and much more efficient than traditional access mats. Constructed with several cost-saving benefits in mind, CLT access mats are the best way to save money long-term and enjoy an impressive ROI.

Better Service

GFI Solutions brings you the service you deserve for every worksite you’re on. We know that your needs come first, and we’re ready to help you with any questions you have. That’s why we offer 24/7 service to all of our clients. We know that every worksite is dynamic and can come with its own set of issues. We are happy to support you to make sure everything runs as safely and efficiently as possible. Trust us to get you the support you need when you need it.

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