Swamp Mats: To Buy or Rent in 2023

Swamp mats, also called access mats, are the perfect solution to your access needs when working on softer ground. Our durable mats will withstand your heavy machinery, foot traffic, and more as you do your work. We help you to protect the environment around the worksite by using trees that are grown to maturity before harvest. High-quality GFI Solutions access mats help you to cut down on habitat disruption and can also prevent your machinery from damage. Keep reading to understand the difference between buying and renting swamp mats and which might be better for you.

Benefits of Buying Swamp Mats

To buy or rent? Swamp mats are a great investment if you perform outdoor work constantly. Renting your swamp mats again and again can stack up costs quickly, not to mention the added delivery and installation charges. For the oil, forestry, and construction industries, it is often better to buy your swamp mats to reduce costs and increase your return on investment. If you buy swamp mats and use our mat management program, you will find your mats lasting longer and, therefore, reducing your cost even further.

Benefits of Renting Swamp Mats

If your industry does not often need to use access mats, renting your mats when needed is a spectacular option to save money. For one-off or short-term use of swamp mats, talk to GFI Solutions about renting swamp mats. Renting for short projects or one-time needs will save you on costs while buying mats can cost you unnecessarily. GFI Solutions offers a quick turnaround for delivery and installation services to save you time and get you started on your work sooner.

Choose GFI Solutions

GFI Solutions uses eco-friendly materials on all of our CLT access mats, helping to save the environment one job site at a time. GFI Solutions’ CLT mats are completely biodegradable, including the adhesive. Any accidentally left behind pieces from the mats will combust over time. Our customers are able to choose between 3-ply, 5-ply and 7-ply mats to fit any need. CLT mats beat out traditional bolted mats by fully dispersing the weight of the load to all four corners. Swamp mats will last you longer, as traditional bolted mats do not disperse the weight evenly over the mat and then will break faster. Our high-quality laminated swamp mats are available to buy or rent, and we are more than willing to deliver and install them for you!

High-Quality Swamp Mats for Any Job

For all of your worksite’s swamp mat needs, GFI Solutions can help. Industries all across Canada trust GFI for quality matting solutions that are 3 to 5 times stronger than traditional bolted access mats and cost up to 60% less in transportation. GFI helps you make your mats last longer with our mat management program, which will include proper storing, washing, and handling of your swamp mats. In need of the best swamp mats for your job? Contact GFI Solutions today!