Swamp Mats or Access Mats?

GFI Solutions is one of Canada’s leading suppliers of safe-site matting solutions, including swamp mats, access mats and bridges. We help deliver and install your choice of access mats as well as offer service and support 24 hours a day throughout Canada.

When you’re starting a project, you might face the dilemma of whether you need to order swamp mats or access mats; we can help clear up the confusion. For starters, the term “swamp mats” is technically only used in southern regions where worksites witness warm, swampy grounds which require matting to cross. In practice, there are no differences between swamp mats and access mats; the terms are both used interchangeably depending on where you are in the world. With that said, there are different uses for access mats which you should be aware of before sending out your order. We’ll take a closer look at the different types of mats below and help you choose the best option for your project!

Access Mats

The type of matting suitable for your project will depend on where you plan to use it. If you’re looking to build a temporary road that is reliable and budget-friendly, then you should be looking to install Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) access mats. You can either choose the TerraLam® 300 CLT or the TerraLam® 500 CLT, depending on the requirements of the worksite.

TerraLam® 300 CLT Specifications:

  • 3-ply cross-laminated timber
  • Southern Yellow Pine
  • Weight: – 1,350 lbs.

TerraLam® 500 CLT Specifications:

  • 5-ply cross-laminated timber
  • All layers are made from Southern Yellow Pine
  • Weight: – 2,667 lbs.


Rig/Crane Mats

Rig and Crane access mats assist with transportation requirements and provide a stable foundation for heavy equipment used, such as rigs and cranes. These types of mats have a steel frame to be able to handle the increased loads of heavy machinery and prevent future breakages.

The cost of rig/crane access mats is usually more expensive than regular CLT access mats, which is why you need to be sure what type of access mats you require before placing your orders. If you’re not sure which option would be best suited for your project, contact our team of experts for more information.

Benefits of CLT Access Mats

CLT access mats are more substantial, more durable and safer than bolted matting. CLT access mats are designed to offer better performance at a lower cost as well as:

  • 3-5 times the lifespan of bolted mats
  • Lower shipping costs
  • Solid matting tops that reduce worksite hazards
  • Every mat delivered will perform to your specifications

With GFI Solutions’ access mats, you will no longer worry about damage or replacement costs. We ensure that our customers never have to pay for damaged mats or if they need to replace them. Ever!

Want To Spend Less On Access Mats?

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