Site Safe CLT Rig Mats At GFI Solutions

Need a heavy-duty solution that allows you to tackle the toughest of jobs and site locations with minimal hassle and workflow interruptions? As the heavyweights of the site access industry, rig mats make it easy to handle the unique demands of the oil & gas, utility, petrochemical industries and more. As one of the newer and most sought-after solutions on the market, CLT site safe access mats are more durable than their bolted counterparts and provide exceptional results you can count on.

GFI Solutions is proud to be one of Canada’s top suppliers of site access solutions and offers a vast inventory of CLT access mats suitable for use in heavy applications. Learn more about the benefits of rig mats, as well as partnering with GFI below.

When the Going Gets Tough…

When you need mats that can stand up to wear and tear, heavy loads and tough demands, you need CLT rig and crane mats. Unlike standard access mats, which are either made from bolted would planks or glued laminated timber, rig mats have an additional steel frame and use additional layers of wood to better handle the demands of heavier applications. Heavy-duty mats are specifically made to handle the challenges presented by handling the strain of rigs, cranes, excavators and other heavy machinery. In the process, you gain a much safer, as well as a much more efficient work site that’s equipped to handle day-to-day operations with minimal risk, as well as reduced strain to the environment.

Explore the Benefits of CLT Mats

As we’ve mentioned above, Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) mats are a newer addition to the access mat market but have quickly made a name for themselves among the top leaders in the industry. This is because CLT mats take the basic foundation provided by old school bolted mats and improves upon their design to offer superior performance, better shipping rates due to a lighter weight profile, and a longer life cycle that lasts 3-5 times the length of competitors. CLT mats are created through the process of bonding alternating perpendicular layers of wood with a special adhesive rather than the traditional methods favoured by bolted mats, creating a final result that is more flexible and can distribute weight evenly through the whole mat. GFI Solutions is pleased to offer the highest quality CLT mats, including a rig mat that comes without a steel frame. Our distinct CLT rig can be manufactured in any size and can be built 5-ply up to 13-ply depending on your needs.

Site Safe CLT Rig Mats and More at GFI Solutions

GFI is proud to carry site safe access mat products within our inventory, including 300 and 500 (heavy-duty) model access mats, access bridges, and more. Designed with the utmost of quality in mind our solutions make it easy to stay on track, all without costly delays or damage to your equipment. Our team of experts offers 24/7 support for all your site access needs. Contact us today to learn more!