Safe Access Matting Solutions Only At GFI Solutions

Access mats are effective products that make heavy machinery transportation on unstable soil, creeks, swamps or even rocky slopes easier and safer. If you’re working in the oil and gas, refinery, construction or drilling industry, you will constantly use access mats to create movable roads for workers and machines. Access mats are a safe solution for your worksite, but if left unmaintained, access mats can cause more problems than benefits.

GFI Solutions not only offers you a wide range of access matting solutions that are suitable for all industries, but we also offer services that ensure the availability, longevity and safety of our access mats. Learn more about our safe access solutions to maintain the durability of your access mats.

Inventory Management

The most common problem with matting services is running out of stock. It is possible for either CLT mats or bolted mats to undergo damage and need a replacement; however, matting companies tend to face the problem of depleted inventory. On the other hand, GFI Solutions offers you Inventory Management Service to ensure an abundance of stock available for any foreseeable problems.

Mat Washing

Access mats not only protect your crew and machines from uneven terrain, but they also protect the landscape from harmful substances. Such substances can shorten the lifespan of your access mats by contaminating and eroding the wooden planks. It is essential to always keep your mats clean for upcoming projects. GFI Solutions offers mat washing services to help you increase your mats’ longevity and enable you to use them for different projects ahead.

Planning and Consultation

At GFI Solutions, we understand the importance of planning out your temporary roads and bridges. The installation process is seamless; however, it does require comprehensive planning to ensure smooth production. Our team of experts is available to provide planning and consultation services for your upcoming projects and ensure efficient operation from start to finish.


At GFI Solutions, we manufacture TerraLam mats in-house, enabling us to create customized mats for your industry needs. The current mats available are:

  • TerraLam® 300 – 8” x 14 long
  • TerraLam® 500 – 8” x 16” long
  • TerraCross® 700 – Spans Gap of 35′, Total system is 40′

We strongly believe in creating long-term relationships with our customers and not simply maximizing transactions; therefore, before deciding to rent, lease or buy TerraLam mats, an expert from GFI will review your project and determine the optimal solution for your project.

For more safe access solutions, contact our team today to learn more!