Rig Mats, Worksites Mats, Access Bridges and More!

When it comes to trusting a supplier that provides top-the-line access matting solutions, the ideal contractor will offer you a combination of high-quality, reliable and cost-effective matting options. At GFI Solutions, we are proud to offer our partners industry-leading access matting solutions that perform as needed regardless of weather, terrain or weight challenges. Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) mats are manufactured using a novel approach that engineers reliable and long-lasting access mats. The cross lamination process provides clients with high-quality access and rig mats to withstand the heaviest of loads, keep your worksite safe, maintain your workflow’s efficiency, and keep it on track. Learn more about the benefits of our CLT rig mats below!

Revolutionary Technology

Some might say that CLT mats are an exceptionally engineered product that revolutionizes the access matting industry. Companies in the oil and gas, construction, infrastructure and chemical industries rely greatly on CLT mats as they allow for more efficient workflow at a cost-effective budget. The beauty of CLT mats lies in their production as they are manufactured using Southern Yellow Pine wood, which is 30% stronger than Douglas Fir fibre found in traditional bolted mats. Southern Yellow Pine wood is also 40% lighter than Douglas Fir, which allows for the transportation of 25% more units per load, saving you valuable money and time. CLT rig mats, in particular, can withstand heavier loads than regular CLT worksite mats as they are steel-framed to provide support for equipment such as cranes, excavators, rigs, etc.

CLT Mats In; Traditional Bolted Mats Out

CLT mats are uniquely designed using eco-friendly adhesion to offer stronger on-site performance. Instead of using bolts to bond the wooden planks together, CLT mats are adhered together using non-toxic glue. This process allows the CLT mats more flexibility and strength as the weight is evenly distributed throughout the mat, leading to unrivalled performance even in the toughest conditions. CLT mats are not only more robust than traditional mats but they also:

  • Repel Moisture and Rot
  • Have High Impact Resistance
  • Withstand Extreme Heat and Cold
  • Reduce Tripping Hazards
  • Minimize Tire Damage

…and more!

GFI Solutions for All Your Matting Needs

Whether you’re looking to buy or rent new or used CLT rig mats, GFI Solutions’ strong customer service team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We also offer turn-key services, delivery and installation, planning and consultation and mat washing services that you can request through our support line. If you’re unsure whether you need worksite mats, rig mats or access bridges for your job site, a GFI expert can review your project and work with you to determine the best matting solutions for your business.

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