Rig Mats For Edmontonian Weather

Edmontonians have been experiencing drastic changes in the weather for a while, resulting in muddy terrain, soft soil and an uneven landscape. Accordingly, outdoor construction sites have become almost impossible to work on without the use of crane/rig mats to ensure a safe worksite. Due to the extreme changes in the weather, most matting solutions are, unfortunately, quickly damaged, delaying your project and increasing your budget.

GFI Solutions have engineered safe and budget-friendly matting solutions and offer exceptional customer services to meet all your matting needs. Read on to learn more about our unique matting solutions and services.

Dependable Foundation

Heavy industrial sectors face challenges that require sturdy and long-lasting matting solutions. GFI Solutions is proud to introduce bolted and Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) rig mats that provide a safe foundation for heavyweight equipment during weather fluctuations. Our CLT rig mats have proven to be our customer’s to-go-to choice that provides a dependable and robust foundation for their matting needs.

Engineered using Southern Yellow Pine, our CLT mats are 30% harder than the competition, allowing our mats to provide a sturdier foundation for your heavy machinery. Southern Yellow Pine is also sustainable from growth to cutting, conversion to lumber and even disposal; it takes significantly less time to harvest than other hardwood options.

Additionally, our CLT rig mats are constructed using an environmentally safe adhesive that is biodegradable and provides a smooth surface for safer transportation. The adhesive is also used to provide a moisture barrier to protect the rig mat from extreme weather changes and prevent possible rot and decay. 

Robust Foundation

The reliability and strength of our mats come from the adhesion process (Cross Laminated Timber). Adhered CLT mats allow for more flexibility within the mat, distributing the weight of heavy equipment equally throughout the mat. This process not only provides a robust foundation but also increases the longevity of the rig mats. GFI’s rig mats are guaranteed to last long no matter the project.

Fast Shipping

Our CLT mats are lighter in weight as the wooden planks are adhered together instead of using bolts. This allows GFI to fit more mats on shuttle trucks, approximately 72 mats per load, saving you up to 60% in transportation costs and up to 40% on installation and removal. You can count on CLT mats to provide you with the strength and durability you need while staying within the budget you have.

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