Prevention Is Better Than Cure; Avoid These Problems With GFI’s Access Mats

Projects in the drilling, oil and gas and refinery industries require more caution to protect the environment and reduce the damage caused by the equipment and the process. Site access solutions make safe transportation of fluids possible on your worksite as it ensures little to no damage to the landscape.

GFI Solutions is proud to introduce safe-site access mats that protect both your equipment and the landscape during your project. Read on to learn more about the benefits our mats have to offer you.

Prevent Contamination

Transporting fluids on a worksite can cause significant damage to the landscape. Heavy construction equipment as well can sometimes damage the environment due to its weight. Tire tracks, rust and chemicals from the worksite are left behind as you drive the equipment, contaminating the soft ground. The heavy equipment carrying heavier loads alters the landscape’s natural appearance as unstable soil can sink into the ground. Installing access mats at your worksite will help support the weight of your equipment, creating a wooden shield between the chemicals used and the ground protecting the environment from possible damage.

Prevent Delays

Uneven terrain can cause your equipment to sink when the soil is pitted, wet or muddy. Access mats prevent you from having to go through the long process of digging or pulling out your heavy equipment. You can rest assured that your equipment and crew have a safe road/bridge to cross over without risking lengthy delays with access mats.

Prevent Damage

Access mats not only prevent damage to the landscape it also prevents damage to your equipment. The tires on heavy equipment require solid, smooth grounds that can withstand the heavyweight in order to avoid fast wear and tear or tripping hazards. Access mats provide your equipment and crew with the rigid foundation needed to support the weight and protect the tires from any possible damage.

Why GFI Solutions?

GFI Solutions is Canada’s exclusive source for Sterling Solutions’ range of TerraLam products. Our CLT products include:

We also provide a variety of sizes of bolted access mats for rent and sale. As a manufacturer, our team of experts can provide you with customized matting solutions for your upcoming project. GFI Solutions is your all-in-one matting expertise as we provide several services such as inventory management, delivery & installation, mat washing and more!

Contact our team today to learn more about the perfect matting solution for your needs and request a quote for your upcoming project.