Need Oilfield Mats? GFI Solutions has Stock Ready to Rent or Buy!

Are you about to begin a new oil and gas project? Are you looking for reliable access solutions to ensure your crew and equipment can navigate your work site? If so, GFI Solutions has the oilfield mats you need to ensure your project is safe and accessible. Our offering of access, rig, and crane mats is designed to withstand your project’s numerous challenges, from challenging terrain to heavy equipment and more! GFI Solutions is Canada’s premier source for safe access solutions. Below we’ll cover more details about our oilfield mats, including our CLT mats. Continue reading to learn more!

How are Oilfield Mats Different from Access Mats?

Oilfield mats are a type of access mat or ground protection mat constructed to withstand heavy equipment used during oil rigging. These mats are a barrier between your equipment and crew and the ground below. For this reason, oilfield mats provide your project with numerous environmental, financial, and safety-related benefits. Oilfield mats give your workers and machinery a safe and clean environment to work in, which can lead to some significant financial savings. This is because, with oilfield mats, you reduce the risk of slip and fall injuries and your equipment getting stuck in challenging terrain. Oilfield mats also reduce your environmental impact by being a barrier between your crew and equipment. They help your project limit the number of ground disturbances and soil cross-contamination. Investing in oilfield mats for your next project is critical to keep your crew, equipment, and environment safe. No matter what industry you work in, GFI Solutions has the oilfield matting solutions you need to navigate your worksite safely. Our team is here to help you determine the optimal number of mats for your project and any other questions you may have!

CLT Mats are Your Best Option!

GFI Solutions’ Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) mats have gained some notoriety for being the preferred choice for numerous projects’ oilfield mats. Created through an innovative process, CLT mats are made from environmentally sustainable wood and eco-friendly adhesive. Using an adhesive rather than bolts, CLT mats weigh significantly less than traditional access mats and have greater flexibility. This flexibility allows CLT mats to bend under the pressure of heavy machinery without becoming damaged. In addition, CLT mats are incredibly durable and last about 3-5 times longer than traditional bolted mats. At GFI Solutions, we offer a variety of TerraLam CLT mats and bridges to rent or purchase. So if you’re ready to invest in high-quality oilfield mats, GFI Solutions has inventory in stock!

Safe Access Solutions at GFI Solutions

At GFI Solutions, our team is proud to offer safe and durable access solutions for various industries. Our CLT mats can meet the high demand for cranes, rigs, and heavy equipment. In addition to our safe access solutions, we offer mat installation, delivery, inventory management, and other turnkey services. GFI Solutions is proud to be Canada’s top choice for safe access solutions. Contact us today to learn more about our offering of oilfield mats.