Matting Options And Services

Access mats (also known as swamp mats) are laid on the ground of construction worksites to make difficult terrains such as rocky slopes, swamps and unstable soil a safer worksite for heavy equipment and construction workers. The mats are installed side-by-side (or sometimes overlapping) to create a mobile road-like foundation to allow for easy transportation across uneven ground. Access mats not only protect the crew and the worksite, but they also protect the landscape from rutting, contaminants or chemicals left behind by rigs and cranes.

GFI Solutions is proud to present you with Sterling Solutions’ Cross Laminated Timber access mats/swamp mats for your worksites. CLT mats are made from Southern Yellow Pine wood which keeps the access mats dry, safe and robust throughout your project. Learn more about why our worksite swamp mats are below!

Inventory Management

GFI Solutions offers you several services that enhance your project’s flow. An important service that our customers heavily rely on is our inventory management system. This allows us to manage available stock for your ongoing projects and guarantee the optimum level of access mats available for future needs.

Manufacture, Deliver & Install

Not only do we manufacture access mats in-house, but we also provide delivery and installation services. Our CLT mats are available in 3- or 5-ply construction but can also be manufactured to your specifications. Since our TerraLam mats are engineered to be lightweight, we can fit 72 mats per load on the delivery truck, saving you up to 60% in transportation costs. Our team of experts is ready to deliver and install your mats as per your need.

Mat Washing

Access mats require regular cleaning to reduce the risk of contamination, damage or even breakage. Installing mobile roads and moving access mats around the worksite can cause irreparable damage, especially if your worksite involves the use of fuel or chemicals. Unwashed access mats can harm the environment or even cause potential reactions in the future. GFI’s mat washing services keep your worksite clean and safe as well as provide a longer life cycle for your access mats.

Planning & Consultation

Building a mobile road using access mats requires meticulous planning. Our experts are available to consult with you on your upcoming projects and plan out the optimal place for your custom-built road.

GFI Solutions

GFI Solutions is proud to offer the options of CLT and bolted access mats for sale and rent. In addition to a robust stock of in-demand mats, we offer 24/7 support, granting you access to site access solutions whenever you need!  To learn more about GFI’s matting solutions, contact our team today!