Long-Lasting Laminated Mats with GFI Solutions

It’s time to switch your existing access mats for TerraLam® Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) mats. Rather than spending exuberant amounts on traditional bolted mats, you can now spend much less with CLT without sacrificing durability or performance. With GFI Solutions, you can now buy or rent site-safe access mats without worrying about increasing your budget. We offer two sizes, TerraLam® CLT 300 and TerraLam® CLT 500, with the option of tailoring each solution to your specific needs. Read on to learn more about the top-notch quality you can expect when choosing TerraLam®  access mats.

Durable and Safe

It is crucial to guarantee high-quality access mats with all your projects, especially if you are using heavy equipment and machinery. CLT access mats offer you excellent quality, that is both reliable and customizable for any project. Unlike standard access mats, CLT mats are engineered using Southern Yellow Pine wood fibre instead of regular douglas fir, ensuring a mat that is 30% stronger.

Not only are CLT mats more robust and more reliable than standard mats, but they are also made with more durable material that lasts longer than regular mats. Instead of using bolts to hold the wood together, CLT access mats use an advanced adhesive that securely bonds the wood. The adhesive allows you to reuse the mats with minimal to no damage since bolts aren’t used to cause any splintering or gaps between individual planks.

Light and Flexible

Using adhesive to bond the wooden planks together instead of bolts allow the transportation of 72 mats per load, saving you up to 60% in transportation costs. Southern Yellow Pine wood weighs less than the standard access mats and allows the CLT mats more flexibility than standard access mats.

The adhesive used to bind together the wooden planks allows each mat to distribute weight evenly across the platform. You can now easily reuse the access mats in more than one project as they last longer and do not deform with heavy machinery, nor will they be damaged if mishandled or dropped.

With our CLT access mats, you don’t have to worry about extreme weather conditions either. We have thoroughly tested our mats in extreme heat and cold conditions to ensure durability. We guarantee 0 deformities or breakage with our access mats when used in extreme conditions.

Time To Switch To GFI Solutions

GFI Solutions is ready to present you with the CLT access mats that are longer-lasting, safer, faster AND lighter than standard mats; what more are you looking for? Contact us today and choose the CLT300 or CLT 500 for your upcoming project.