Lightweight CLT Crane Mats: Your Road to Success!

There’s no question that crane mats and rig mats are highly useful resources in oil fields, pipelines, power industries and more! Not only do rig and crane mats help overcome accessibility challenges across rugged terrain, but they also increase the safety of your worksite and ensure environmental sustainability.

While traditional timber mats have been more popular with heavy industries for years, they are slowly losing their competitive edge against the new Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) mats. With the use of advanced technology, GFI Solutions has engineered access mats, rig and crane mats that offer superior performance, better protection and increased savings!

Before purchasing your next order of traditional crane mats, read on to learn about all the benefits you can expect from our CLT crane mats.

What is CLT?

In order to understand how CLT mats can provide you with better performance and a safer work environment, you must first learn the manufacturing process behind them. Cross Laminated Timber mats are manufactured using wood layers that are placed perpendicular to one another and glued together instead of being bolted together. CLT mats are specifically designed to be lightweight, durable and environmentally friendly.

Why Not Timber?

Unlike CLT mats, traditional bolted hardwood timber mats are manufactured using a mixture of hard and soft woods that do not follow any standardized specifications. They are also built using bolts instead of an environmentally friendly adhesive, which can create a hazardous work environment as the bolts can cause breaks at stress points and are easily bent with heavy pressure.

What Are The Benefits of CLT Lightweight Crane Mats?

CLT crane mats have proven to be much more durable than traditional bolted timber crane mats as they are able to disperse the load in all directions instead of only transferring the weight in one direction. The environmentally friendly adhesive used in CLT mats allows them to be more flexible, offering better performance and a longer life cycle. CLT mats are also significantly lighter in weight compared to traditional bolted mats, allowing for more mats to be shipped per load and saving you up to 50% on freight. When installing GFI Solutions’ CLT lightweight crane mats in your worksite, you reduce the risks, improve safety and increase savings.

Guaranteed Service with GFI Solutions’ Heavy-Duty Crane Mats

In addition to our reliable access matting solutions, GFI is proud to offer all our customers 24/7 service for turnkey services, rentals, sales, inventory management and more! We understand the challenges that your project might face and are happy to help with every step of the way. Contact us today to learn more about our access mating solutions and services, such as planning, delivery, installation and mat washing.