Keep Your Job Site Clean with Construction Mat Rentals

Are you looking for temporary access solutions to complete an upcoming project? Renting access matting from GFI Solutions is a great option to test-drive our TerraLam mats and get the safe access solutions you need to complete your project on time without committing to a permanent purchase. CLT access mats keep your crew safe, ensure you’re abiding by environmental sustainability standards and help to keep your job on schedule.

There is a myriad of environmental factors to consider when kickstarting a project. Challenges such as snow, rain, and sleet are just some of the many difficulties you face when working in our wild Canadian climate; GFI Solutions wants you to have the resources you need to overcome any challenges. As Canada’s top supplier of CLT access mats, our team is proud to offer rental options and a range of other services to our customers. Keep reading to find out more about renting from GFI and our line of CLT access mats.

Access Mat Rentals You Can Trust

Purchasing access mats will generally be the better option to make the most return on your investment. However, the upfront costs of buying construction mats may not be viable, depending on your circumstances. That’s where mat rentals from GFI Solutions come in handy. Fast rentals can be a significant benefit if you’re in the middle of a project and need safe site access solutions right now. Renting access mats allows you to safely access your site while at the same time allowing you to test drive a new long-term solution. Renting construction mats can allow you to preserve your project’s budget and get the job done on time.

CLT Mats an Industry Favourite

Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) mats are a relative newcomer to the safe site access market, but they’ve quickly become the new industry standard for many job sites and good reason too. CLT mats have a unique design built to outperform traditional bolted mats. They’re 40% lighter than bolted mats and have a 3-5 times longer life cycle. The wood CLT mats are manufactured from is sustainably sourced from Southern Yellow Pine, which is 30% stronger than the standard Douglas fir most bolted mats are made from. This lightweight profile allows CLT mats to be easier to transport and install, which means you’ll save money and time during the setup and takedown of your project.

At GFI Solutions, we carry both TerraLam 300 and TerraLam 500 CLT access mats. But if you’re not ready to switch to CLT mats, we also have traditional bolted mats available. GFI is proud to offer the matting support you need for your project; we offer rentals, sales, delivery, installation and mat washing services.

GFI Solutions is Here to Help!

Renting access mats can be a hassle, but GFI is here to help. We’re proud to be the preferred distributor of site access solutions for various businesses across Canada. GFI is sure to meet your project’s stringent safety requirements with a significant inventory of site safe access mats and bridges and the ability to customize mats. Contact our team of experts today for all of your temporary roadway, construction mat, and general worksite mat needs!